Some guys smirk and joke about their sense of fashion and of those around them. The following are but a selection of boyish jibes I’ve heard over the years. And it’s not surprising.

The vast majority of young men throughout the US and Europe have terrible fashion sense. Most do look like they’ve forgotten how to dress that morning, and I’m guessing that it’s a worry you secretly share too:

“Who dressed you this morning and were they blind?”
“You look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backward!”
“What’s with the threads today – did you forget how to dress?!”

However, the shaming is somewhat unfairly founded. I’m here to tell you that ‘fashion sense’ isn’t something you’re born with. It’s something you learn. And most men haven’t had the best of tutors. Parents, relatives and friends are all duty bound to tell you you’re looking great – even when you aren’t. With all those ‘little white fashion lies’, it’s a wonder we don’t walk around dressed like clowns all day!

Women are entrenched in a world of couture from the moment they’re born, whether they like it or not. Little girls play dress up, but little boys don’t. Those gender lines work fine for the first decade or so, but slowly things begin to change. Suddenly you’re expected to ‘dress smart’ and others are beginning to ‘check you out’ like never before.

You’re expected to know how to shave, wash, trim, tie, button, lace, zip, clip, polish and wax, all without any kind of formal, or informal, training. No wonder men don’t know where to begin!

I don’t pretend to be the fount of all knowledge. I can’t turn you from zero to fashion hero overnight – no one can. However, I can provide you with a framework. I can teach you the ‘do’s from the ‘don’t’s, the rights from the wrongs. What’s more, I will attempt to do this in such a way that you’ll never feel lost again. I’ll give you easy to follow rules, simple lists, basic combinations and lots of no-nonsense advice.

So, without further ado, let’s start your transformation…

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Johnathan Bell is the founder, owner and main author of Guy Style Guide, a website dedicated to everyday male fashion, style and grooming. The primary mission? To guide clueless men through the tricky mindfield that is the growing world of male couture. Find him on , Twitter and Tumblr.

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