The major problem with fashions trends is that they’re in as fast as they’re out. Buying ‘in’ items this season that’ll be ‘out’ by the next is frustrating and costly. Sure that nu-rave, 80s retro inspired hoodie looked great in May, but let’s face it – you paid three times what you should’ve and it’s already fallen from vogue.

But you needn’t be afraid of what the high street has to offer you right now. There are plenty of great items that won’t be falling from fashion for a long while yet! Below I present half a dozen stylish trends that are so sizzling hot they’ll see you well into 2009 and beyond:

Grey / Gray
What can I say? Grey (or Gray depending on what side of the Atlantic you’re on) is THE hot colour right now. Browse around any shopping centre and you’ll be confronted by a wave of achromatic tones. From slate to taupe, designers seemed to have fallen in love with the ashen shade.

Contemporary suits and jackets look sharp as a tack in grey, and most body types and skin tones can be matched thanks to the versatility of its tone – yellowy grey is warm and sumptuous, while blue-hued grey is somewhat cooler. Grey will happily complement most shirt colours and provides a fresh, youthful alternative to black and navy business ensembles.

Cardigans have been undergoing a fashion revolution recently, and it doesn’t look like the trend is going to slow down anytime soon. The male cardigan has swung back into vogue and it’ll look great on any shape or size.

Larger men should stick to plain, light cotton blends to avoid adding bulk to their frame, while the thinnest among you can experiment with chunky woolen knits and bolder patterns.

The naughties were dominated by stripes, but the next decade appears like it’ll be succumbing to the checkered look. The ‘lumberjack-cum-trucker’ vibe instantly adds excitement and intrigue to your wardrobe without being too eccentric.

Bigger men will look better wearing bold squares and lightweight cottons; skinny guys can add some bulk with busier plaid weaves. Leave slightly untucked for a super casual look.

Chunky Frames
If you’re looking for a pair of glasses then you’ll almost certainly encounter this trend en-mass. Unisex frames have traditionally been unnervingly androgynous, but thankfully designers have adopted solid, rectangular shapes that work on a range of masculine facial types.

I’ll explore the art of matching frames and face types in later posts, but for now your local optometrist should advise you on what’ll suit your face shape the best.

Military Styling
Another popular high-street look is Military chic. Let’s be clear, we’re not talking about the full-on camouflage gear, so put those combats back into storage. Instead, think epauletted shoulder straps, arm cuffs and plenty of zips / buttons.

The key is to keep it classic and clean, letting all the little details speak for themselves. The easiest way to get that instant military look is through a good quality jacket. Find one that can easily be dressed up or down depending on your circumstances.

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