One of the easiest things to get right in the world of male fashion is correctly pairing together shoes and belts, so here’s a quick, three-stage guide to help you eliminate your belt matching woes permanently:

Keep your colours consistent. The rule is simple – match like colors together, i.e. black belts with black shoes, tan belts with tan shoes, and so forth. Don’t be tempted to mix and match: the result will be an incongruous mess.

Match textures. Don’t just concern yourself with the colour: also ensure you’re wearing shoes and belts made with similar textures: smooth leather shoes and waxy plastic belts aren’t exactly the best of bedfellows, and the mismatch will be glaringly obvious to all.

Buy both elements together. An ideal solution for ensuring a perfect match is to buy several belts at the same time as your new pair of shoes; this way you can guarantee each strap and buckle is an exact counterpart to your brogues.

Preview Image: Spencer Ritenour

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