Following on from “A Belt for Every Occasion” we’ll now take a look at what shade of color will work best on a tie during those crucial events. Should you go for plain fabric, stripes or dots? A deep ochre, vibrant lemon or an ocean blue?

Here’s a quick list of common occasions where getting the right tie is imperative. Remember, this is by no means a comprehensive list of designs, but it should be enough to give you a basic overview, plus provide you with inspiration of your own:

Red Or Blue TieA Job InterviewThe general consensus is plain, conservative red or blue; these traditional colours aren’t going to distract the interviewer, but will elegantly match your suit. If you’re applying for a position of authority (e.g. manager or executive), go for red as it has connotations of power and influence. On the other hand, if you’re applying for a subordinate position, blue is an indicator of stability and says to the employer you’re a reliable worker.

Yellow TieAn Important Presentation – Go for a golden yellow; it radiates energy and liveliness but doesn’t pull focus away from your subject matter. Similarly, avoid wearing anything with a busy pattern like paisley when presenting; this can be off-putting and may distract your audience.

Black TieA Flirtatious Night Out – The obvious choice is black; nothing says “seductive, mysterious and smart” like a crisp, dark tie. If you want to add a little more zest to your look, find a tie with a subtle, crisp pattern; anything too bold, like sharp zig-zags, may put your date right off!

Pink TieA High Impact Event – Nothing makes a statement like a splash of pink. A light, bright shade displays confidence and modishness in equal measure. Peoples’ eyes will be drawn straight toward the fuchsia, but for all the right reasons.

Can you think of any other social event where a certain shade, hue or type of tie makes a big difference (other than black at a funeral that is…)? If so, why not share your thoughts and leave a comment below.

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