It may surprise you to learn, but a perfume’s potency is often written directly on the box. Raw fragrance is diluted down to various strengths in order to create a variety of concentrations. Here’s a list of common formulations you’re likely to find in your local department store(s):

Parfum / Parfam: One of the highest concentrations you’re likely to find; although commonly found at 18-30% strength, some parfums have levels even higher than that – one application can last anywhere between five and ten hours, so be careful not to use too much!

Eau de parfum / parfam: A fairly high concentration containing between 10% and 18% oil compounds. Good strength means it’ll last, by conservative estimates, three to six hours between applications.

Eau de toilette: A moderate formulation of approximately 5-10% strength. Good for everyday use, E.D.T. will expel great aromas for five or more hours at a time.

Eau de cologne: A lighter formulation containing between 2-5% perfume oil. Again, good for everyday usage, cologne should happily last a couple of hours between applications.

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