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Seasonal Shifts
A good fragrance can be worn at any time of the year and still smell great. However, you needn’t be monotonal in your approach; just as you shake up your wardrobe for different seasons, so too can you alter your fragrance. Here’s a general guide on what to look out for during the year:

Summer: This season screams hot and sunny. Lighter, tropical fragrances will feel good and smell fresh. Berries are plentiful at this time of year, so don’t forget those sweeter smells.

Winter: The cold, blustery season should be accompanied with a heart-warming scent. Deeper, muskier tones are comforting and sumptuous, and Christmas is a great excuse to find a fragrance with hints of myrrh and frankincense. 😉

Autumn / Fall: The leaves are falling and the nights are closing in. Woody, earthy elements are the best representation of this time of year, with crisp scents evoking thoughts of the brisk weather.

Spring: A time for rebirth; spring should be accompanied by lighter, breezier tones. Flowers and grasses best encapsulate the spirit of this season.

The trick, as always, is to keep each seasonal smell in alignment with your body type; oily skinned fellows shouldn’t reach for the most pungent bases they can find just because it’s winter!

Resist the urge to change the balance of tones; instead, change the elements within those tones. For example, you can switch from using citrus fruits for all your high notes during Summer to flower blossoms come Spring.

“This sounds kinda’ tricky”

It can be, but you needn’t be overwhelmed. You’ll find many fragrances are formulated for seasonal wear in mind; in fact, some perfumes are only available for purchase at certain times of the year (i.e. Christmas)! Just remember what works on your skin type and what doesn’t.

Looking after cologne needn’t be like taking care of a mogwaii. Only common-sense storage is required, which makes it all the more puzzling that most men don’t bother. The following rules should help keep your odours on track:

  • Avoid light. Fragrances are photosensitive so store in a dark draw or cabinet.
  • Avoid temperature variations. Don’t store your finest fragrances in locations that experience volatile temperature changes; bathrooms heat up and cool down whenever you bathe, so they should be the first place off your list.
  • Always recap after use. Oxygen is near the top of the periodic table for a reason – it will react quickly and easily with most chemical compositions, not least your delicate parfum!

“This all sounds like a lot of effort for some cologne!?”

I admit it can seem this way at first; but needless to say, once you understand the fundamentals it’s a lot easier to find what you’re after, and choosing great fragrances will become second nature.

Sure, it takes some time, but if you’re going to invest weeks and months looking good, why not go the extra mile and smell great too? You never know, it may just give you that edge you’ve been searching for! As the folks over at are quick to point out, the right fragrance could have positive benefits in your love life too:

“According to many ‘noses’ (the boffins who design scents), heavier, sweeter fragrances – especially those containing sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla and amber – tend to be viewed as more sensual by women. They also make more of an impact, which is why they’re perfect for the evening or for special occasions.”

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