I thought today I’d hit you hard and fast with sixty fashion fixes that need little explanation. Some of these have been covered on the site before and some haven’t, so I’ve put links to other articles where more details are available. I’ve also highlighted a few of my favorite tips for those who are interested…

1. Don’t buy expensive umbrellas; they’re far too easily lost or broken to warrant spending the extra.

2. Color match belts & shoes: black belt / black shoes, tan belt / tan shoes, etc.

3. Stout, stocky men should avoid wearing heavy fabrics.

4. Thin guys should wear heavy fabrics to appear larger.

5. Short men should try wearing vertical stripes to look taller.

6. If you plan on wearing a single color in an outfit, always mix multiple tones of the same hue to avoid looking monochromatic.

7. Don’t wear demin jackets with demin jeans.

8. Always shave in the direction of the grain first.

9. Remember the ‘two-foot rule’ when it comes to applying fragrances.

10. Shave after showering: the hot water helps to soften your stubble.

11. Short men will look more proportional with short hairstyles.

Image: chux

12. To avoid looking ‘washed out’, pale-skinned men should substitute white with cream.

13. Don’t load your suit pockets with cell phones, MP3 players and keys; they’ll spoil the line of the jacket.

14. Socks and sandals are never a good pairing.

15. Less is more: don’t drown yourself in body sprays.

16. Your feet swell during the day, and are biggest in the afternoon or early evening. You should buy footwear late in the day for the best fit.

17. You’re not a child anymore, so you don’t need to leave the extra ‘growing room’ at the top of your shoes.

18. Short men shouldn’t wear super-wide ties; they’ll appear disproportionately big.

19. Just say no to crocs.

Image: CWMGary

20. If it has a rip or hole, throw it away or repair it; damaged clothing sends out the wrong message.

21. Just say no to novelty clothing.

22. Too much jewelry screams vulgarity; lose the ‘bling’.

23. Explore necktie styles by learning how to tie several different types of knot.

24. Got a job interview? Wear blue ties for junior positions and red ties for managerial roles. Also…

25. Don’t wear cufflinks to a job interview; they’re too extravagant and send out a message of aloofness.

26. A thick layer of clothing is far less effective than several thin ones.

27. Socks should ideally match your trousers.

28. Your tie should sit on your belt line, not miles above or below it.

29. Never wear a belt and suspenders; either one or the other.

30. To appear taller, stick to wearing solid blocks of color.

31. To appear shorter, try adding visual breaks with patterns and colours. But…

32. Don’t wear too many patterns together.

33. Just say no to the “banana hammock”.

34. Be age appropriate; after adolescence the baseball cap should sit front and center at all times.

35. Odd socks, as the name will suggest, look odd; a matching pair wins every time.

36. Baggy clothes on larger men look shapeless and dowdy; try something with a better fit to appear slimmer.

37. Tight clothes on larger men will emphasize excess weight; try something with a better fit to appear slimmer.

38. Even the most expensive clothes look cheap when they’re missing buttons; find your sewing kit and repair ASAP.

Image: alainap

39. Jackets and coats only have pockets sewn up to help hold the line of the fabric in store; once you’ve got the garment home it’s time to unthread.

40. Your belt should be one size bigger than your waistline if you’re going to make it fit correctly.

41. Nothing looks worse than a badly knotted Windsor; control the fabric when tying to avoid the excess growth.

42. Pull up your pants!

43. Need a tux? Then it’s a white shirt every time. It’s called a ‘classic’ look for a reason.

44. No spandex at the gym. Ever!

45. Chapped lips? Then avoid buying lip balm with an oily base; it’ll simply exacerbate the issue.

46. If you’ve not worn a garment for more than 12 months, chances are, you won’t wear it again.

47. If in doubt, don’t buy it!

48. Don’t go clothes shopping alone; salespeople aren’t employed for your benefit – they’re there to make a quick sale for the store!

49. You can spend thousands on top-name designer garments, but if the fit isn’t right you’re going to look cheap.

50. Just say no to branding logos; repeat after me, “I am not a billboard”.

51. Just say no to casual footwear with suits.

52. Stuck zipper? Rub a pencil up and down against the teeth; the graphite in the tip should give enough lubrication to resolve the issue.

Image: Scyza

53. Just say no to clip-on neckties.

54. If it has a stain, don’t wear it – wash it!

55. Jeans should reach down to the bottom of your shoes; dressier legwear should only go so far as the top of your heel.

56. Know the rules, but trust your own eye; if it doesn’t work – it doesn’t work. Don’t force it!

57. For an instant freshness boost, give your shoes a good polish.

58. It doesn’t matter how smart you dress, chewed nails can’t be concealed; clip, don’t bite.

59. Measure twice, buy once! If you can’t work out your size alone, ask a friend to help.

60. Criss-crossed laces are more comfortable to wear than their straight-laced counterparts.

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10 Responses

  1. Johnathan

    I’m glad to hear it.

    Thanks for the comment rizwan.

  2. Oliver

    The tenth doctor wears Chuck Taylors with a suit, and he looks awesome in them!

    Otherwise, excellent tips! Thank you!

    • Jeremy

      Yes, but we, (with very few exceptions) are not David Tennant in all his glory. 😉 Great guide.

  3. Grant

    I understand and follow the rules explained for what colors to wear for fair skinned people. My problem is that now that I have let me hair go white ( sort of a pearl color) I feel pale no matter what I wear. I have lots of hair, keep it well groomed and have a well groomed short beard and mustache. My hair was always red before now. \i have blue/gry eyes.

  4. Chuck

    #26 is actually really, helpful..but #33 i disagree. the banana hammock will always have a place. ha ha