Sometimes we don’t feel like getting dressed up smart and hitting the town, and that’s okay; lazy Sunday afternoons are synonymous with puffy sweaters and socks with holes. But come Monday morning you need to ensure you’re looking suave and ready to take on the world again.

To that end, take heed of the following list, and don’t fall into the typical fashion traps as some men so-often do. So, first up is:

Socks & Sandals: They’re simply an incongruous match; you either want to walk about the place with feet exposed, or you don’t! If you want to combine summer footwear with socks, why not try lightweight canvas shoes instead? On a similar note, you don’t command much respect wearing a pair of rainbow sandals – stick to a simple, classic leather instead …

Fashion Du Jour: Fashion trends are exactly what they seem: fads that come and go with no discernable regularity. Just because Lime green shirts and crushed orange ruffles may happen to be big right now, doesn’t mean you should partake. Instead stick to universal classics and modern takes on timeless looks.

Wearing the incorrect size and style for your frame: Skinny jeans and pea coats look brilliant on slender guys, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’ll work for the ‘husky’ gent! You may want to wear a certain look, but if it doesn’t flatter your figure you’re not going to get the desired effect anyway.

Over accessorizing: If your mental checklist before leaving home goes something like, “I’ve got my wallet, wrist watch, pinkie ring, wedding band, luck charm, neck chain, tie clip, cufflinks, gold link bracelet, diamond-studded pendant, leather arm straps and ear stud…” then you need to rethink and retool your look. Keep it simple – a watch, wedding ring and cufflinks are plenty; too much more and you’re risking a full-on case of ‘B.A. Baracus’ syndrome.

Image: zenobia_joyBelt Clips: Practical they may be, but wearing items on your belt is a bad idea unless you’re keen on appearing like a Christmas tree complete with sartorial baubles. Unless you want warped belt loops, distorted fabric and jeans that look horrendous, do the right thing and place your key rings and cell phones somewhere out of sight.

Novelty garments: By this I mean anything that screams to the world, “I’m essentially humorless and require comical cartoon characters to express my fun-lovin’ personality for me” – novelty neckties, holiday socks and humorous handkerchiefs are all harmless fun for the weekend, but come the morning boardroom meeting they should be eliminated.

Flashy labels & designer ‘bling’: You’re not a billboard, nor an international playboy rap-artiste (unless you are, in which case, feel free to ignore this tip…). Understated refinement exudes far more confidence and grace than gaudy, ‘name-dropping’ logos that reek of ‘wannabee’ desperation.

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Johnathan Bell is the founder, owner and main author of Guy Style Guide, a website dedicated to everyday male fashion, style and grooming. The primary mission? To guide clueless men through the tricky mindfield that is the growing world of male couture. Find him on , Twitter and Tumblr.

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