Following on from my previous article on the subject, I thought I’d update you with a few more hot fashion trends for the months ahead. Remember, these are versatile, timeless fashion items/looks not just transient fads; they aren’t liable to look dated and faded after just a few weeks, and some of the suggested items are probably hanging around the back of your wardrobe already:

These are hot, hot, hot right now! You can’t pick up a fashion magazine or walk into a high-end retailer without seeing a pair of classic wayfarers staring back at you. A fashion icon since their introduction in 1952, they’re said to be one of the best selling sunglasses in history! With a subtle angular shape, they’re going to look great on a range of face types, and can help counterbalance roundness without being very angular.

As far as fashion staples go, white hardly seems an inspired choice. However, with bright pastels on the increase, white comes off as a perfect complementary shade; it’s neutral, goes with everything and looks eternally fresh, plus you’re bound to have loads of whites hanging around already. Very light and very dark skinned men should remain as cautious as ever; wear off-whites (like cream) so as not to appear ‘washed out’ or ‘overwhelmed’ respectively.

Image: Emily MacInnesRegular-Cut Denim Jeans
Thank goodness those ‘skinny’ jeans aren’t “hot property” for the high-street anymore. An automatic citation should’ve been issued by the fashion police to every man without lean legs who attempted to squeeze into these irregularly cut monstrosities – you would have thought we’d learnt this lesson with the hideous ‘leather pant’ fiasco of the 1990s. Oh well… Luckily classic, regular-cut jeans are edging their way back onto the shelves. Although you may be clamoring for your shorts, believe me when I say you’ll eventually need some form of long legwear this summer, and those jeans are crying out to be worn again.

Design Simplicity
You won’t find many garments sautéed with embellishments right now. Credit crunches and recession have brought with them simplified looks. Decorative stitching, embroidery and other ornamental flourishes are on the back-burner (perhaps with the exception of ‘perforations’, but that’s a whole other story …).

Instead, clean lines, simple fits and traditional pieces are starting to make their mark. Great examples of this classic recurring trend include the plain white tee, round-tipped loafers and classic khaki chinos (and the next item on this list of course).

Image: Charlie HoodHarrington Jackets
With warm summer days come cool summer evenings, so don’t be caught off guard – a short, lightweight jacket is ideal for when the sun goes down, and the Harrington is an excellent choice because of its timeless look and stripped-down design. The garment has been sported in the past by the likes of Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Steve McQueen, Joe Strummer and even Daniel Craig in the latest Bond movie.

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