One of the most perplexing things about cufflinks is their rarity. They’ve become the latest victim of the ‘business casual’ world. No more than a few decades ago, cufflinks were an indispensable accessory in all mens’ wardrobes; now, formal events appear to be the last refuge for the cufflink.

But should the opportunity arise, every man should make it his duty to wear them; they’ll instantly turn an otherwise plain shirt into a dazzling piece of couture. What’s more, they’re easy to put on, come in a wide variety of metals, gems and styles, and aren’t as pricey as you might think.

How to put on cufflinks
Simply rotate the small metal ‘T’ bar until it points straight outwards. Your cufflink should now easily thread through the French cuff on the sleeve; line up the gaps so the cufflink slots straight through both pieces of material (not overlapping the ends like you’d do with a traditional button shirt). Twist the bar back again to lock the fabric in place. It’s as simple as that!

What Style & Color?
Image: David LeeSurprisingly, you can still find a huge range of cufflinks out there, so it can be quite tough picking the right pair. Everyday business links look great in bright, solid metallics like gold or silver – just keep away from anything too grandiose or ‘bling’ that’ll draw focus away from the rest of your ensemble.

Those considering cufflinks for important social events (like a best man at a wedding) can find something a little more ornate – pearled or silk cufflinks add a touch of glamour to your look without too much emphasis.

When considering color, try and complement the hue with your necktie and shirt. If you’re going with a metallic look, match the color of the metal to your watch and/or belt buckle.

Three important things to remember before trying out cufflinks:

  1. Don’t wear novelty cufflinks: They’re the second-cousin-twice-removed of the novelty necktie.
  2. Only wear cufflinks on a shirt with French (or double) cuffs: Never try a D.I.Y conversion by snipping off buttons – buy a shirt that’s specifically designed with cufflinks in mind or the fabric won’t ‘hang’ correctly around the wrist and you’ll look ridiculous.
  3. Got a job interview? Stick with buttons! Cufflinks are simply too flashy for such an occasion.

Do you want to know more about wearing French cuffs? Then why not head over to Men’s Flair and check out their fantastic primer on the subject. Also, you may also want to take a look at this article from A Man Fashion for more information on wearing cufflinks.

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    For men who are not comfortable wearing jewelery, like a stud earring, chain etc, can always go for cuff links. They are stylish and you get them with precious stones like diamonds or rubies, which add class to your attire.

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    There is a lot to cuff links than meets the normal eye in terms of fashion, as they have the knack to panel beat elegant trends to perfection. I like the important things to remember since they might just prevent you from making a blunder, not only in fashion but also in life.