Another query I see regularly is in regards to the difference between fair and medium skin. It can sometimes be difficult to work out which one you are exactly, especially if you have a borderline colour tone.

In these tricky situations, some people try establishing their hue based on other external factors, such as eye or hair color, but this is still no surefire guarantee – fair-haired guys can have medium skin just as easily as dark-haired men can have light skin.

Well, there’s a clever little trick you can use to discover your true complexion, one which I’ve found to be highly effective over the years. It’s best to do this outside, or in natural daylight, for optimal results…

Take a look at the underside of your forearm. Closely examine the veins running up and down the limb. Do they appear mainly blue or mainly green in colour? If they appear mainly blue you’re light skinned; if they appear mainly green you’re medium skinned. Pretty neat, huh?!

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