Okay, seeing that I’ve written so many recently, this’ll be the last necktie article for a while.

Today, I thought I’d take the opportunity to reiterate a few basic pointers for getting your knots tied just right.

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  • Command the knot. The easiest way to ruin any look is to lose your control of the material; don’t let that Windsor grow wild – stay in charge.
  • Throw out the synthetics. Good quality fabrics form knots much easier than those with an inferior build; junk the polyester and cheap nylon – buy easy threading materials like silk instead.
  • Not too loose, not too tight. This is the tricky bit; you need to use enough force so the knot sits firmly, but not so much that you’re unable to breathe. It’s kinda’ like drilling – keep going until you start to feel resistance, then slow down to a halt.
  • Slow, but steady. It’s a cliché I know, but my number one tip is to simply take your time. Spend a few minutes getting the perfect dimple and you won’t regret it.

For more advice, why not check out this great piece written by the folks over at Kinowear – How to tie a tie: The pursuit of the perfect knot.

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