It’s time for another entry in the intermittent series “…For Every Occasion”. This time I thought I’d take a look at watches and which events match them best.

Remember, these are broad categories used to help you get started: treat the advice as a guideline not gospel. If you think something else would work better then by all means go ahead and try.

Everyday Business

Image: Steve Woods

A ‘corporate’ timepiece should always look the part – nothing too flashy and nothing too slovenly. For the ‘power look’ try solid, chunky metals with plenty of chronographic features; for a not-so-bold alternative, try tempering the bells and whistles with a slim-line strap and plain face.

Everyday Casual

Image: Niels Rameckers

There’s no such thing as the perfect watch for the weekend. Days spent lazing around the house mean there’s no dress code, so now’s the time to experiment with crazy digital displays, funky wrist straps and thousands of otherwise useless functions; just make sure you can still tell the time on it!

A Date Or Dinner Party

Image: Jean Scheijen

Think suave and graceful; something oozing confidence but with self-restraint. You’re telling your date or dinner party guests you care about your appearance but don’t feel the need to shout it from the roof-tops. Stick to a stock leather, or leatherette, band with classic analogue face.

A Formal Event

Image: Edward W

When it comes to formal events, all pretenses are placed to one side. You’re dressed up, so you might as well make the most of it.

Bring out the gold, silver, platinum and titanium. Just take special care when going formal; keep things ornate and elegant – don’t succumb to zircon-encrusted dials and topaz-studded faces. Think debonair not flare!

Playing Sports

Image: Herb Collingridge

Sports watches are curious little fellas, mainly because there are two varieties that, for the sake of the argument, I’ll call ‘High activity’ and ‘Low activity’. ‘Low activity’ pieces are ideal for tame sporting events such as golf and sailing; these can be more decorative and weighty, but still retain those important gaming features.

Meanwhile, the rubber-strapped ‘high activity’ incarnations are great for contact sports and endurance exercising. Don’t confuse the two, unless you enjoy the chaffing of steel against sweaty wrists.

So, do you agree with my general assessment of time pieces for certain occasions? Feel free to leave a comment whether you do or not…

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