For some reason, regular readers seem to think I’m not a fan of men’s summer shoes, but nothing could be further from the truth – espadrilles and jipsin are fine by me. My only concern is the descent into madness that accompanies the annual heat wave; some guys have a tendency to throw basic common sense out the window because it’s a little warm outside.

Well gents, if you think that cutie sitting at the bar hasn’t noticed your sole indiscretions you’re very much mistaken.

Here’s a quick guide to getting your summer footwear in order:

Flip Flops
Also known as thongs, pluggers and slippers, these shoes are secured to the foot with a Y-shaped strap that affixes itself between the big and second toe. Versatile, cheap and available in a multitude of designs, flip flops are great for the beach and poolside, but are generally unsuitable for anything more formal.

Named after their German creator, these sandals are defined by their contoured cork & rubber foot grips and sturdy straps. Increasingly popular, many variants are now available in a range of materials. Smarter than flip-flops, but not too dressy, Birkenstocks work great as an everyday men’s sandal.

Dress sandals
Built for looks and comfort, dress sandals are sturdy, robust numbers that should last you an age. These won’t look out of place at a semi-formal summer gathering and are more than adequate for most casual encounters.

Basic Rules For Wearing Sandals

No socks and sandals. Hmm…I wonder if I’ve mentioned this rule before. It’s a hideously unflattering combination, so why bother putting yourself through it?

Keep things clean. Your feet are on display to the whole world in sandals; there’s no need for a full pedicure, but the least you should do is trim your nails and wash your feet before heading out for the day.

Footwear rules still apply. Sandals aren’t a breed unto themselves – they’re informal shoes and should be treated as such. Never buy a poor fit (even if they are a bargain), clean them regularly and don’t neglect your investment by leaving them out in the rain.

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