Don’t be fooled into thinking that all tees are built the same.

Casual shirts are as diverse as any other wardrobe item; not only are they relatively cheap, they’re practical too. They’re a simple way to modify the look of your everyday garments, and can easily be dressed up with a few simple amendments.

Let’s take a look at a few of your options:

Crew Neck

Image: Banjo Ari

The most commonly seen style. A classic semi-circular cut, this style flatters the largest number of men. As always, opt for colours and patterns that suit your body type the best.

‘V’ Neck

Image: T-Shirt

A plunging neckline that accentuates the chest. It helps to be well-built and hairless if you decide to plump for this look; nevertheless, a good quality sweater on top can be used to conceal any flaws.

Polo Shirt

Image: banjo ari

Designed and first worn by Rene Lacoste in 1926. Even though the polo shirt’s popularity has taken a hit in recent years, it still remains a staple of the male wardrobe. Polo necks are characterized by their full, button-up collars, allowing the wearer to adjust the depth of the neckline at will. Just remember to consider what colour will suit your complexion best before trying out wild combinations.

Henley Shirt

Image: Emily Lucima

A collarless shirt originally worn by rowers in the British town of Henley-on-Thames, only recently gaining widespread popularity. This style appears at it’s finest with a couple of the buttons left open and a good physique.

Rugby shirt

Image: Ibon San Martin

A style that usually resembles a long-sleeved polo neck, the Rugby shirt has a high-powered masculine vibe. Versatile and sporty, you need to buy a good fit to ensure it doesn’t appear too slothenly.

“What should I avoid when buying casual shirts?”

Lose the branding. Your body’s not a billboard, so why treat it like one?

No hilarious slogans or novelty designs. That’s not to say never experiment with tee-shirt graphics, merely that you should always avoid tacky mottos & motifs; these are more at home on bumper stickers. No matter how hilariously witty you may feel your slogan is, a t-shirt isn’t the best place to display your prowess of postmodern irony.

Shun synthetic fabrics. Although a common sight in cheaper tees, synthetic fibers will trap heat and won’t allow your skin to breathe; instead, go for inexpensive, well-spun cotton – it shouldn’t cost you the earth, and your body will reward you with fewer sweat stains.

Cheap and nasty tees are cheap and nasty. It shouldn’t surprise you to learn this, but those discount t-shirts will warp and perish after a few runs through the spin cycle. Ultimately they end up becoming a false economy.

Throw away your aging shirts. Once your casual shirts have begun to distort, it’s time to chuck them out; they’ll look baggy, ragged and do your appearance a disservice.

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