It’s an unpleasantness most of us could live without; stinky morning breath is less than professional and your colleagues will be running wide just to avoid an encounter with your oral stench.

So what can you do to avoid the embarrassing smell? Here are half a dozen top tips to help your reeking gums overcome their objectionable whiff …

Cut out the odorous foods. You know the ones: garlic, cheese, onions, et cetera. Eliminate them from your diet, especially late at night, if you want to avoid ‘kitten breath’ come the dawn.

Brush properly! So many people concentrate solely on the surface of the tooth; don’t forget to spend some time around the gum line and always clean between the teeth with dental floss or interdental brushes afterwards. If you’re unsure of your technique, ask your dental hygienist for advice next time you’re having a check up.

Stop smoking. For a surefire way to eliminate nasty smells: cut out the cigarettes! Not only will your breath smell better for it, but your whole quality of life will improve dramatically – haven’t you heard that smoking kills?

Drink more water. Keeping your mouth hydrated is important in preventing bacteria growth; if you feel a thirst, grab that water bottle and sip away!

Use a tongue scraper. After brushing your teeth and gums, give your tongue the once over too. With a whole range of scrapers available, and now brushes which include a reversible tongue cleaning head, you really have no excuse!

Don’t forget the mouthwash. Buy a good antibacterial kind to help kill the remaining nasties after brushing; not only will it leave you with minty fresh breath, it’ll also help slow the regrowth of new microbes, especially if the formulation contains any zinc compounds.

Do you have any top-tips for overcoming poor oral hygiene? Why not leave a comment below…

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5 Responses

  1. Erin

    Isn’t there a common disease that men get that causes bad breath? My dad has it, and it is sometimes unbearable, despite his constant care. The funny thing, is that it only seems to happen to men. Any reason for that? I am sure many men out there are wondering.

  2. Johnathan

    I’m no disease expert I’m afraid, though I am aware that there are a number of potential illnesses that can also cause bad breath; everything from sinus issues to liver conditions have been known to be a factor in creating oral odours.

    Thanks for raising a good point, Erin!

  3. heather

    It’s called Periodontal disease and women get it too.