Today’s ‘Q&A Quickie’ was requested by Marcus. Having read my previous article on, “Men’s Sun Glasses: Finding The Perfect Pair of Shades”, he wanted to know what kind of tint would look best on his sunnies.

Well Marcus, I hope that the following pointers help you find the perfect hue. Don’t forget, you can submit your own ‘Q&A Quickie’ requests through the contact page or via e-mail. So without further ado, on with today’s query…

What to look out for…

I’d always start by considering skin tone. Remember when we looked at color and complexion? This should give you some idea as to the shades that’ll look great against your skin; use the information to determine your ideal hues and try to find a selection of tints you can test in store before buying.

Next, think about the strength of the tint. Do you want to block out the world, or merely dull the glare? Just remember that darker tints appear more classic and authoritative, while lighter shades are less obtrusive and friendlier.

Thirdly, do you want a gradient on your lenses? If you are wearing sunglasses with a large surface area, the answer is almost certainly yes. Try to stick to harmonious or monotonal shading; it’ll look classier and more refined than wildly contrasting hues.

Finally, think about iconography, specifically how your personality is represented by the choice of lens color. Blues and grays have a natural ‘coolness’ about them, while reds and oranges display gregarious ‘warmth’. My only advice is to avoid feminine shades like pink, unless you’re looking to deaden your masculinity.

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