During the scorching summer months, nothing feels better on the lower half of your leg than wearing a pair of comfy shorts. However, most men can barely seem to pick out a pair of basic slacks, let alone a garment that’s been known to come in bright orange, luminous yellow and tropical pink!

So to avoid making a gigantic sartorial blunder, follow this basic guide to choosing and wearing men’s shorts.

Finding the Perfect Fit

One area where guys consistently get it wrong is sizing. Most men seem to choose the roomiest, baggiest shorts they can find – very unflattering! Instead, you should look for a pair using the very same method you’d use to acquire any casual legwear.

Search for a pair that’ll comfortably embrace your rump and thighs without being too tight. Make sure the leg of the garment extends down between the middle of the thigh and the top of the knees, depending on your requirements.

What to avoid

Never in the boardroom. Your shorts are perhaps one of the most casual elements of your wardrobe; you wouldn’t turn up to an important client meeting wearing your flip-flops, so don’t turn up in shorts either (unless it’s part of a dress code).

Bright, brilliant colours. Those Hawaiian shorts may look enticingly vivid, but always remember your fashion rules! Stick with more traditional designs, weaves and patterns; keep in mind that solid blocks of color are easier to work with than multi-tonal designs.

Toggles, zips and pull-cords. Shorts are meant to look like shorts, not glorified parachutes; avoid overly fussy designs with dozens of flap pockets, draw strings and endless tie tags.

Stick with regular length fabrics. Remember, your shorts should end between the mid thigh and the top of the knee depending on their purpose; ‘hot pants’, short-shorts and frayed cut-offs look hideously unflattering, not to mention terribly uncomfortable in most cases.

Shorts are ‘Summer Only’. On the first day of autumn/fall, it’s time to put those shorts back in the closet for another year; nobody wants to see your goose-pimpled legs!

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