Yes folks, it’s time for my bi-annual look at the upcoming male fashion trends. As always, these aren’t singular pieces, styles or designers; these are universal nuggets of information you can apply anywhere and everywhere.

Not only will you look ‘on trend’, but you’ll also avoid those costly fashion mistakes in favour of more versatile options that can be combined to create a wide array of looks.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at five elements that will help keep your wardrobe “on spec” during the forthcoming seasons:

Budget Clothing
With the global recession on-going, it’s no surprise to see budget clothing remaining the top of everyone’s agenda. But don’t assume this means going downmarket; high end fashion retailers are doing everything possible to cash-in on the trend. Be on the lookout for ‘essentials’ and ‘basics’ lines that are popping up faster than I can count; here you’ll find all sorts of must-have wardrobe items at knock-down prices.

Image: Richard Dunstan Hyper masculinity
Another effect of the recent downturn in the market is a break from the metrosexual and the androgynous. We’re back to an aggressive style of business dressing, featuring sharp lines, clean cuts and those ‘power’ looks that plagued the ’80s. This time around, however, we’ve got the benefit of fitted shirts and slim-cut jackets preventing us tumbling down that ill-fitting, puffed up aesthetic of twenty years ago.

I’m always hesitant when it comes to recommending this cotton-based fabric; we’ve had far too many jacket-jean combos ruining male fashion kudos in the past for this to end well… That said, it’s an undeniable truth that denim of all descriptions appears to be heading back into vogue. Don’t go overboard though, and remember that there’s more to life than denim alone!

Military Jackets
Why mention military for a second time? Because it’s continuing to burn through stores like wildfire, not to mention the ‘military dandy’ appearing in virtually all male catwalk shows these past few months. Unsurprisingly, it’s the sharp stylish vibe making these fly off the shelves. But be warned – the double-breasted look is especially hot right now; remember, this cut doesn’t flatter the larger man and has a tendency to fall in and out of fashion at a moment’s notice!

Charcoal / Purple / Yellow
Not only do these colours complement each other perfectly, but they’re also fast becoming the ‘in’ hues for next season. Unusually, these summer/spring shades seem to be everywhere, and it looks like they’ll be pulling us into the Fall/Winter period. All you lucky guys with a dark skin tone will be in heaven wearing these colour selections, so don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to shine in the upcoming months.

About The Author

Johnathan Bell is the founder, owner and main author of Guy Style Guide, a website dedicated to everyday male fashion, style and grooming. The primary mission? To guide clueless men through the tricky mindfield that is the growing world of male couture. Find him on , Twitter and Tumblr.

4 Responses

  1. Casual

    Hey, great article. In the future it would be helpful if you could post examples of specific fashion items, especially for style newbies like me. Thanks.

    • Johnathan

      I try not to post too many specific examples, and believe me, you’re not the first person to mention the absence of such things…

      The point of my articles, more often than not, is to eschew the traditional “show and tell” model in favour of a “do it yourself” approach.

      If I were to say that “Blotto™ Slim Cut Navy Jeans” were the “thing to wear” it’d be endorsing a brand and an item of clothing above and beyond the advice itself. To my mind, it’s “cart before the horse” thinking; you see it, like it, buy it, but never really understand why it was so good in the first place. In twelve months time, you’re back in the same situation asking yourself which kind of jeans are ‘hot’ right now, rather than confidently being able to assert: “I know what will work in this situation!”

      I don’t want to contaminate your thinking with designers or brands, and part of the ethos behind this site is getting away from that mindset and learning what will work in *any* situation! In the example of “Blotto™ Slim Cut Navy Jeans”, for example, I think it’s better to say “Dark Skinny Jeans” instead, and let you go to your favourite stores and search out the right cut, fit and price-tag for you!

      If you are after specific inspiration, there are plenty of great websites out there that’ll happily point you in the right direction: there are a dozen or more listed in my blogroll to the right – more than enough to get you started! Browse the online stores for a while and you’ll soon be able to see basic patterns emerge.

      Thanks for your comment – I’ll definitely take your point into account and see if I can’t create an article in the near future expressing my response a little more clearly 😉

  2. Blank Blog

    the double breasted jacket is certainly a touch piece to wear because of the way society likes to fluctuate between love and hate with it.

    Jonathan: i agree with your comment RE not endorsing a brand. but I definitely think you should have noted that slim-fit jeans are the way to go (personal preference). i also particularly like colored denim and wish you had that on this list but admittedly it’s not for everyone.

    i also agree with the colors that you recommended. charcoal/purple/yellow are fantastic colors. i especially love lavender, but I am not sure if you only meant to say purple and not the other colors of within the same color family.

  3. Johnathan

    I have to say that I’m a sucker for jackets of all types: some guys collect shoes, some razors, others graphic tees – with me it’s coats and outterwear; I love the way they define my shape and figure with zero effort 🙂

    My comment was more an explanation than anything else; the aim of the site is, and has always been, about the first fashion steps for cautious men. Colored denim can look ‘the business’ (I actually think red demin works really well on guys – a somewhat controversial opinion I’ve found in the past) but when a lot of men have trouble understanding the difference between “boot cut” and “slim fit”, I’m reluctant to introduce extra colors into the mix – I might start writing ‘intermediate’ posts aimed at a more advanced style crowd at some point; but I still have so many areas to cover that it’ll be a while before I get there (only today I noticed I’ve got no articles on socks!)

    Yes, I meant lavender too 😀 – in fact, all tones and shades within the colour areas. My “versatile fashion trends” are purposely kept vague; it’s more about an overall aesthetic rather than specific shades. For example, in ‘youth’ stores I’m finding strong, bold purple, while in ‘thirtysomething’ retailers the tone is much more subdued. The color is still there, it’s just more reflective of the ‘type’ of shopper.

    Thanks for the comment!