The first signs of autumn may seem like a distant dream at the height of summer; but now is the time you should be starting to think about your fall wardrobe. Have you got what you need to make it through the upcoming rainy season? Are you prepared for the piles of sodden leaves and those damp grey mornings?

Why not start thinking about the following items, and get a head start on the next season straight away.

  • Start buying now! You heard me: take a trip to your nearest high street and start browsing those racks this weekend. New stock for the autumn/fall lines are trickling into stores, and you need to get in first before all the good stuff is gone – there’s a reason why you can never find this season’s hottest items in your size, y’know!
  • Grab another umbrella. Scoff all you want, but you know you’re going to be caught out eventually. Find a small pocket brolly that you can put in your glovebox or slip in your locker, so when the inevitable unexpected showers hit you’re not caught short.
  • You need another grey pullover. Yes really! Firstly, having an extra jumper on hand for when the evenings turn chilly is just good common sense. Secondly, grey, for guys, is steadily becoming the new black, and a lightweight silhouette-hugging jersey will go with just about every item in your closet.
  • Repair your overcoats. If your pockets have holes and your buttons are loose, get on it today. I can guarantee you the day the first showers hit you’ll be in a hurry to get out the door and cursing to Hades that you didn’t make time to sew up those hanging threads.
  • Take a trip to the chemists. Why not buy your cold and flu remedies now, so you aren’t left traipsing around the pharmacy when you’re sick. Oh, and grab a good quality chapstick while you’re there…

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Johnathan Bell is the founder, owner and main author of Guy Style Guide, a website dedicated to everyday male fashion, style and grooming. The primary mission? To guide clueless men through the tricky mindfield that is the growing world of male couture. Find him on , Twitter and Tumblr.