Continuing in the same vein as my “How to Become More Successful With Women … Instantly!” post, I present my instant weight loss solution: clothing. By altering your appearance, you can shed ‘invisible pounds’ and look like you’ve been dieting, even when you haven’t.

So ditch those online pill merchants, flush those meal replacement shakes, grab yourself a tape measure and make yourself ten pounds lighter today!

Find out your vital statistics

The most important step of all is to measure yourself accurately. Get a friend to help you do the tricky stuff. Make sure you take details from all over your body; if you’re unsure as to what and where you should be taking your measurements from, take a look at the following websites:

Men: How To Find Out Your Size
Men’s Clothing Sizing Guide
Measurements, Clothing Size & Fit

“Fitted”, “Tailored” and “Slim”

These are your three favourite new words. You want to find garments that cinch at just the right places. Discard ‘regular’, ‘traditional’ and ‘loose’ styles in favour of a skin hugging, figure defining fit. You’ll find these cuts won’t leave sagging fabric around your frame; they should skim your silhouette, but not feel ‘tight’ in any way – if they do, check the sizing and start again.

Shop with your stats, not with your eyes

In other words, take items off the shelf that match the measurements you took earlier. Don’t talk yourself into buying a size bigger or smaller – ignore what you think you know and instead trust what your tape measure told you. Go into the changing rooms and try on any garments before purchasing; while I wouldn’t recommend trying on underwear (they might just throw you out the store for that), you should certainly test the rest.

Try on a range of garments

Take a look in the mirror and notice how different fits and fabrics affect how you look. Do skinny jeans make your legs look slimline, or do they pull so tight they cut off circulation to your knees? Is it a ‘fitted’ or a ‘slim’ shirt that gives you the defined figure you always dreamed of? Trial as many garments as possible.

Use some slimming ‘optical illusions’

Dump the wide spread collars and the horizontal stripes. Throw out the fussy patterns and ditch the double-breasted suits. Replace with more visually slimming alternatives, including double vented jackets and darker coloured garments.

Dump anything ‘chunky’ or ‘clompy’

Thick rubber soles, cable-knit sweaters and loose-fit jeans need to take a ride to your nearest recycling centre; these garments will only ever draw attention to your meaty areas and emphasise your trouble spots.

Don’t neglect hair!

Thick, full-bodied hair is something most men crave; but too much of it can appear just as bulky and overwhelming as a padded bomber jacket! Try to trim down your hair as much as possible. Keep the look clean and angular to add sharpness and definition; this, in turn, will give the appearance of a slimmer jaw-line and a trimmer neck.

About The Author

Johnathan Bell is the founder, owner and main author of Guy Style Guide, a website dedicated to everyday male fashion, style and grooming. The primary mission? To guide clueless men through the tricky mindfield that is the growing world of male couture. Find him on , Twitter and Tumblr.

2 Responses

  1. Blank Blog

    getting fitted clothes will certainly help you look slimmer.
    one trick i’ve used to really shed some inches was to buy a size smaller (pants and shirts) for a few articles of clothing that I really really liked. then trying to fit into those pieces of clothing was a challenge for me, but my motivation to lose the appropriate weight to be able to wear the clothes…. it’s a risky move, but if you set realistic goals, you can do it for real!

  2. Johnathan

    You raise a great point. Nothing is going to be better at making you look slimmer than actually getting slimmer!

    I think motivation was a key to my own weight-loss in the past, and I think if you can use fashion as a tool towards dropping the pounds, then so much the better.

    Thanks for the comment!