In a first for ‘Guy Style Guide’, today I’m featuring a fantastically written guest post: It comes from Sam over at ‘Gambie Clothing’.

It’s an excellent blog that sifts through everything the internet has to offer and serves up only the finest nuggets on men’s fashion, fitness and lifestyle.

So without further ado, take it away Sam…

The Man Guide to Towels

The humble towel may not sound all that interesting or important but the fact is more and more men simply don’t know what they are missing out on when they go with ‘any-old-towel’. Towels are not always considered a luxury to men but you really should invest reasonably in a decent one, do so an you would be surprised in the difference. Take note:

To Blend or not to Blend?
The majority of towels found throughout the world will be either made up of 100% Cotton or a Cotton and Polyester Blend. If you are looking for a towel that will take a beating and stick with you for a long time then you might consider the blend. However if it is softness and absorbency you are after then you should definitely go for the 100% Cotton.

The Longevity of the Cotton is in the quality.
As mentioned above the Cotton is the comfy fabric that makes up most of a towel but how do you get a towel that will remain thicker for longer; it is simple really, get a higher quality of cotton. When exposed to high temperatures e.g. in a dryer, the towel loses its ‘lint’ which in turn means much less absorbency. Pima, Supima or Egyptian Cotton, generally promise to lose less lint, but come at a higher price.

Secure Stitching is key
Make sure to buy a towel with secure stitches and tightly woven edges. This means the towel is going to stay in one piece for longer, won’t lose as much lint, and it won’t fray at the edges. Pretty Simple!

Use Vinegar before use.
Before the first test can take place you should try washing your towels with half a cup of white vinegar. This will help all the dyes settle down in place. Less colour loss means a more vibrant towel.

Pick it Up
A good towel will always feel much heavier than it looks. This means it is much denser; the thicker a towel the more loops of cotton per square inch, the more loops the better the dry you’ll get and absorbency of water. Plus a heavy towel always feels better just to have in your hands compared to its skinny, light counterparts.

When washing…
Do not let your towel get anywhere near products containing bleach; also, avoid using softener in the first few washes and only using sparingly thereafter. The conditioner will quickly reduce the towel’s ability to absorb water.

The choice of colour is up to you, as well as the size. But keep one thing in mind just because you just bought an expensive towel with some overpriced fashion house name on it doesn’t mean it is quality! Stick to the points above and you can guarantee to find yourself a better more satisfy towel that will last longer. Notice the difference and enjoy the fact you’re about to step out of the piping hot shower.

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2 Responses

  1. Blank Blog

    didn’t know there was so much to know about towels.
    just bought a face towel that I re-examined after reading this post.
    apparently mines is a cheap towel. it’s light, not very absorbent, and is probably a low quality cotton… i blame Target for this one..

  2. Johnathan

    I too was shocked by how lacking my knowledge on the subject was; new towels have been added to my christmas list! Many thanks to Sam for this article!