After reading my recent article, “Men’s Oral Health: Controlling Bad Breath”, a regular reader got in contact to ask a quick question relating to the subject.

I’m afraid it was part of a longer email, so I’ll have to paraphrase as best I can:

“…I’m constantly having problems with stinky breath, so your article on Men’s Oral Health: Controlling Bad Breath was very useful. Do you know of any way I can check my breath throughout the day so I don’t offend anyone in the office…?” ~Jason

Well as a matter of fact, I do!

This is a tip you can try for yourself right now at home and it doesn’t require any external gadgetry either. Simply take your tongue and lick the back of your hand. Wait a few seconds for any moisture to evaporate, then give your hand a quick sniff.

A much better (and more accurate) way to monitor your breath than trying to exhale into your cupped palms hoping to catch a whiff. I hope that helps you out Jason. Remember, if you have any Q&A Quickies you’d like to share, simply get in touch via the contact page.

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  1. Phil

    Another good way is to immitate the old “ice waterfall” trick of your smoking youth days, or maybe you still do it when having a casual smoke? It’s the trick all the rappers like to do on MTV where the smoke leaves your mouth and you breathe it back in through you nose. Works a treat.