Let’s continue now with part two of my festive guide, starting on the 8th…

December 8th: By now the festive candy stockpiling will be rearing its ugly head; the temptation to delve into the chocolate-topped cookies and achingly sweet frosted pastries will be immense.

But please think of your poor waistline! Nothing’s worse than having to return holiday fashion gifts in the New Year because they’re a size too small. Save your excessive consumption for Christmas Day.

December 9th: Invest in cosy knitwear for January. With winter in the air, Chunky knits are going to be your New Year’s saviour. Don’t be afraid to leave the peacoat at home and sport a softer look with sloping shoulders and perhaps even a loosely tied belt.

Don’t be worried about looking too raggedy; as long as you don’t slouch and find a good fit, a quality knit can be a worthy replacement for your jacket on quick seasonal excursions.

December 10th: Hit the newsstands. Don’t wait to grab the January copies of your monthly style glossies; grab them before you’re bogged down with the usual Yuletide rush.

December 11th: Make an appointment with your barber for next week. Between the partying and mad-dash supermarket runs, you’re not going to have occasion for a quick trim unless you make the time now.

Don’t be afraid to go all out and get a brand new cut done either; you’ll want to look back on those holiday snaps with pride in years to come, and your perfectly quaffered hair will bring back those memories in no time.

December 12th: Stock up on your potions and lotions. In the coming weeks you’re going to be battling the Christmas rabble for anything and everything. Don’t let yourself be disappointed by ‘no stock’ notices – grab your favourite grooming sets early so you don’t have to resort to cheap cologne come Boxing Day!

December 13th: Print out a size card. Not only will your nearest and dearest appreciate the forethought, you can keep one of these stored in your wallet for when you next hit the high street yourself; there’s nothing wrong with a quick reminder every now and then…

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December 14th: Find your Festive Fragrance. If you’re big into scents, why not consider mixing up your olfactory palette with holiday cologne. Try something with the heady base-notes of myrrh, frankincense, holly or orange.

If you don’t fancy going down the traditional holiday perfume route, try finding something with a warm, welcoming heart, whilst avoid those unappealing musks traditionally associated with winter.

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