December 15th: No doubt you’ll be feeling a little worse for wear with all the seasonal celebrations. Thank goodness, then, for the ‘metrosexual’ movement and the range of readily available renewal creams and lotions.

Don’t be afraid to slap on a dollop of soothing moisturizer for your frost-bitten face and a rejuvenation cream for your ‘dancing-late-into-the-night’ eyes.

December 16th: Buy yourself something special. Christmas isn’t just a time for others – buy yourself a small treat. It’s not too late to buy yourself a nice looking shirt from Blank Label (with a respectable $10 off your order), or even grab a copy of my e-book, “Male Wardrobe Essentials” with a massive 50% discount off the sticker price with the promo code XMAS09 (don’t forget to add it before confirming your purchase).

male wardrobe essentials discount

December 17th: Try something a little wilder than normal. Be it a Paul Smith inspired striped tie or a Prada hold-all; whatever your secret wishes, allow your clandestine desires to rear their head today. With all the holiday jubilation, no-one will have the heart to ‘rain on your picnic’, so take advantage of this fact whilst you can.

December 18th: Think about thermals. Winter has well and truly descended, so find some nice thick clothing before you’re stuck in the New Year’s night air with barely a scarf to your name.

Remember, pound-for-pound wools are better insulators than cottons or acrylics, so don’t be afraid to invest a little bit more for something a little warmer and sleeker.

December 19th: Do nothing. Yes that’s right – today you’re going to take some time to yourself; all that distressing will help lift your dark eyes, lower your blood pressure and make you feel years younger (if only for the next twenty four hours).

Unwind with a nice warm bath with plenty of your favourite cleansing products to give you a much needed pick-me-up before the start of Christmas week.

December 20th: Check your breath! By now, I’m sure you’re crammed full of soft cheese, garlic crackers and gallons of liquor; be a friend to those you’re sharing the festivities with and test your breath!

Simply lick the back of your hand; wait several seconds for the moisture to dry, and sniff. If needs be, you can always pop a breath mint or dash to the bathroom for a quick rinse with mouthwash.

December 21st: Write your resolutions today. Don’t be suckered into waiting until January to making your resolutions. If you intend to join the gym or make over your wardrobe, do it today – you’d be amazed at how much time and energy it can take to get your new schemes off the ground; if you think about it now, you can start taking action come the first day of 2010!

December 22nd: Show your fun side. Okay, today I’m going to let you have one day with that tacky top and those novelty reindeer scarves. Yes, even the most humbugish of fashionistas won’t begrudge you one day of Santa hats and snowflake socks. Make the most of it…

December 23rd: Scrub up your shoes. With the usual pre-xmas rush, we often forget to take care of the most important item of all. Don’t forget that your shoes will be taking a lot of punishment over the next few days, so get polishing and buffing so your footwear doesn’t suffer.

December 24th: You’ll no-doubt be doing the Christmas rounds today, spreading merriment and cheer everywhere you go. So avoid the temptation to throw on the heavy cable-knit sweaters and chunky cardigans – between centrally heated houses and the warm air radiating from the car ‘blowers’ you’ll be sweating buckets by the evening.

Instead, consider layering with lots of thin fabrics. With several thin layers and a scarf, you’ll be happy to sit in any environment without fear of wet patches under your arms.

December 25th: Hit the sales…online! Don’t waste the rare moments you get to spend with the family in a crowded mall all holiday; instead, sit down with a glass of eggnog, your laptop, and a freshly-minted credit card on standby.

Not only can you make significant savings on what the high street has to offer, there’s also plenty of exclusive deals you won’t find in-store too! Just remember you’re not the only one splashing the cash today – get in early before all the good stock is gone!

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