We’ve already discussed this subject in some detail previously, but let’s take the opportunity to get through a few more fashion mistakes shall we?

Guys have an unfortunate attraction to unfashionable combinations in the world of couture!

Don’t let yourself slip into the following easy traps – use the basic advice below and you’ll find those wardrobe blunders are soon a thing of the past.

1. Plastic overcoats

Unless you are: a) planning on riding a log flume b) biking in the rain or c) engaging in some twisted sexual games, the plastic overcoat should be avoided at all costs.

2. Wellington boots misuse

Wellington Boot Suit

‘Wellies’ and a suit is almost as bad as sneakers with dinner jackets; if you’re in a grimy construction site they have a purpose, otherwise you’ve got no excuse. Rubber boots are no more a fashion statement outside of a muddy field as an apron would be outside of a kitchen; keep your rubber boots away from the high street.

3. The Soul Patch

Soul Patch

Gentlemen, take hold of that razor and cut away – nothing says ‘male fail’ like a wisp of pseudo-beard; like a new millennium mullet, this is one fashion mistake no man should have to make ever again!

4. ‘Male Model’ Syndrome

Male Model Syndrome

Nothing says ‘try-hard’ like a man with the fading appearance of a catalogue photo-shoot. In other words, don’t wear an outfit composed entirely from the latest range from a single clothing boutique, nor the same ensemble being sported by the store mannequins.

5. Bandanas


“Oh Rambo, why hath thou forsaken me?”

Also known as the ‘mandana’ for obvious portmanteau-based reasons. You are not an action movie star, so why not avoid the look and save us all the embarrassment.

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  1. Nene33

    What?……… No bandana’s?!?! 😥

    Great Top 5 though, although #4 will deprive us of a lot of entertainment 😆