As I mentioned in my return post, I’m starting to experiment with a few new things around here. The first of these new features is a regular roundup of interesting websites, articles, products and promotions I’ve found on my travels.

Take in mind I’m a regular twitter and tumblr user so there may be some cross-over elements between what I post here and the material featured elsewhere.

If you’d like to volunteer anything for this regular roundup, please feel free to forward me the details via my ‘contact’ page (alternatively, you can always direct message me on twitter if that’s your thing)

The Sophisticate: How to Pull off the Bold Jacket


Some great advice on how to pull off a bold jacket from the guys over at Prepidemic. You’ll find some detailed advice on a number of ways to pull off the look, be it ‘dressed up’ or ‘casual Friday’. Whilst I wouldn’t recommend diving in for my newbies, those looking to get more adventurous with their outerwear should give it the once over.

The guy’s guide to becoming a denimhead

I’ve been doing some research on raw/selvage denim recently, and by far the clearest resource I’ve come across has been this one from Fashion Magazine. It gives some excellent guidance as to what it is and why you’d want to give it a go. If that doesn’t clear things up for you, I’d earmark twenty minutes out of your day and watch the following:

Put This On, Episode 1: Denim from Put This On on Vimeo.

The team over at Put This On has also produced a rather fantastic video on shoes you might want to watch as well.

Finally for this week, if you were a fan of my versatile fashion post last week, you might want to check out this post from over at uncrate on Birdwell Original 301 Boardshorts – just more proof of that retro swimwear is a popular look this summer. Until next time…

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