For many around the world, summer is now officially upon us. With the sunshine blazing a trail around the globe, it’s time to consider what this season has in store for mens sunglasses.

If 2009 was all about wayfarer sunglasses then in 2010 is certainly about squared-edged frames. No matter which category you’re looking in, be it casual, sporty,  smart or designer,  the cornered edge is an aesthetic that’s captured the marketplace this year.

Taking a look at a few of your options, you’ll note that even the latest incarnation of Ray Ban’s classic ‘aviator’ has a boxier edge to it! Meanwhile Louis Vuitton’s latest range barely sees a rounded corner among them!

Persol Sun Collection

Persol Sun Collection

Diesel Shades DS 0184 GSN

Diesel Shades DS 0184 GSN

Rayban RB3423 Sun

Rayban RB3423 Sun

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2010: Sunglasses

But what does that mean for your average fellow?

Well those guys with round features will definitely benefit from the angular look, and men with oval faces will be fine so long as they remember to buy frames at least as wide as the broadest part of their face.

Those with angular features and rectangular heads may find that this latest trend looks very square, so ensure you’re on full alert when picking shades out this season, and try to find something more subtle that can offset anything too boxy.

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  1. Nene33

    Great glasses, and great info, buy a pair of top quality shades, that fit you perfectly, and you’ll have great use for ’em for a long, long time.

  2. Dentartes

    can you give me a link with where i can find and buy different models of sunglasses (Europe link pref.) tnx.

    • Johnathan

      If you type in to Google ‘sunglasses europe’ or ‘sunglasses’ followed by the name of your country, you should find plenty of great websites offering a huge range of different specs.

      You may also want to search by brand too. Don’t forget the big names (like amazon) have a good range of stuff too!