To kick-start the relaunch of the website, I thought we’d revisit an old Guy Style Guide classic!

Today we’re taking a look at several summer-sunshine trends, each of which can be safely sported by men, regardless of shape, size and colour. As always, feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below.

First up today we have…

1. Canvas Sneakers

With summer on its way, most guys will be looking to invest in a brand new pair of canvas shoes, or at least an odour eater or two for masking the musty stench from the pair rotting at the back of the cupboard.

With ‘natural’ clothing a hot ticket item, and stripped-down recession looks all the rage, a pair of simple, unbleached hemp sneakers, or organic cotton shoes, will look the part with almost every piece of summer-wear you own!

Organic Sneakers

Men's D-Solve - Organic Cotton

Converse Sneakers

Chuck Taylor All Star Specialty

Organic Sneakers 2

Simple® Organic Sneakers

2. 1950’s inspired swimwear

Nostalgia is the ubiquitous buzzword when it comes to the latest trunk designs for men; think simple solid shapes and hearty drawstrings. Even top fashion houses are pulling out their mid-century beachwear in a bid to evoke memories of a simpler, happier time where long, hot summers meant days by the beach. Look out for my swimwear post soon; in the meantime, take a look at a few of your potential options:

Swim Shorts

Quiksilver Swim Shorts

Lacoste Oversized Crocodile Swim Trunks

Lacoste Oversized Crocodile Swim Trunks

Big Wednesday

Big Wednesday

3. Well-worn shirts

The pre-laundered look is making its way back to the shelves just in time for summer. In an age of newfound austerity, new clothing that looks like it’s come straight from the back of the closet is gaining in popularity. Soft textures and lightweight, faded fabrics make for a rather appealing trend.

Cotton Piqué Tennis Shirt

Cotton Piqué Tennis Shirt

A&F Shaw Pond

A&F Shaw Pond

4. Crushed ‘leather-look’ Jackets

Don’t fancy bleach-cleaned shirts or crumpled linen? Then be on the lookout for crushed leatherette jackets instead. Everything from vinyl to cotton is available; just make sure you don’t take the look too far – nobody wants his or her wedding guests turning up in wrinkly polyurethane: save it for an early evening stroll in the park.

Black Leather Look Funnel Neck Jacket

Black Leather Look Funnel Neck Jacket

Black Leather Look Jacket

Black Leather Look Jacket

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4 Responses

  1. Nene33

    Always when you put together Black leather, and Summer, I think of the Weird Al Yankovic song Young, Dumb, and Ugly 😆

    Great tips though, especially the well-worn shirts are a favorite of mine.

    • Johnathan


      Perhaps I should have qualified that choice a little better by saying it’s not about wearing thick heavy jackets in the midday sun, and more about throwing on a thin leatherette coat when it starts to get chilly in the late summer and on those early fall/autumn evenings.

      Thanks for the comment!

      • Nene33

        😆 I’m just messing around, it’s a great tip, a lot of people really don’t have “in-between” clothes, and this is a great style, with some attitude(which is great, a lot of fashion is lacking a little in attitude these days)