Another guest post today guys; this time it’s from Alessia from over at Luello features a wide selection of premium denim brands such as William Rast, Rock Revival, J Brand and Blank NYC, as well as other fashionable brands including Remetee, Zanerobe, J Fold, Sunday Rocks, ROAR and Two In The Shirt.

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Fact: Dressing like the Ed Hardy-clad D-bags from Jersey Shore is never an intelligent fashion choice.

Another fact: Men sometimes seem to think that fashion is something better left to ladies, and that the apathetic, casual and borderline slob-look works for them. This doesn’t have to be true.

Navigating the rough tides of men’s fashion can sometimes be a daunting task, especially for the more clueless of men. That’s why sites like Guy Style Guide, as well as writers like myself, are here to help ensure that those of you in possession of a Y chromosome don’t fall into a deep abyss of sweatpants and rhinestone-skull t-shirts.

This is not to say that men should be dressed in linen pants and blazers every day of the week. It only means that casual clothing needs to be selected as meticulously as you would a suit.

For dressed up, stylish but still comfortable jeans, turn to Rock Revival, a brand garnering great recognition in the world of denim. Known for their detailed designs, as well as their meticulous fits and materials, the guys of the world can be casual and classy while sporting their best Rock Revival denim.

Rock Revival Paul 14 Straight Leg Denim

Rock Revival Paul 14 Straight Leg Denim

Looking for a tee that won’t make you look like you just woke up, or like you’re an extra from Jersey Shore? Zanerobe makes classic, vintage designs that make you look put-together, but effortlessly so.

Zanerobe Valtiik Tee (White)

Zanerobe Valtiik Tee (White)

For a classier night, rely on District 91 to make you look put-together, without having tried too hard. Worn with your Rock Revivals, a good button-up checkered shirt says “I’m farmer-chic, and I look good plowing the fields”, with an urban vibe.

District 91 Woven Checkered Shirt (Black/White)

District 91 Woven Checkered Shirt (Black/White)

Lastly, what some might consider a minor detail in terms of your outfit as a whole, it’s something that needs to be done right. If you’re still pulling out your old, battered and bruised-up Velcro wallet, the same one you pulled out while attempting to buy cigarettes during high school, you’re in need of a change. Grimy, Velcro wallets make you look juvenile and disheveled. A better option is a J Fold wallet, which is a sleek and chic alternative.

J Fold Thunderbird Wallet (Brown/Cream)

J Fold Thunderbird Wallet (Brown/Cream)

Heed my words of wisdom, devoted readers, and never will you be in the awkward position of having to tell confused people attempting to throw change your way that you are not, in fact, a hobo- that you just dress that way.

Visit to view products by Rock Revival, Zanerobe, J Fold, District 91 and many other premium brands.

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    • Johnathan

      I know ~ I’m completely in love with the whole ‘J Fold’ range. The mix of textures and designs are so tasteful, and yet something a little bit different from your average black leather bi-fold.

      • Nene33

        Absolutely, just gives it that extra bit of refinement, and personality.

  1. bro

    This is a terrible guest post. I cannot believe you posted this. This stuff is garbage.

    You know a post is going to be pathetic when the preface reads: “Dressing like the Ed Hardy-clad D-bags from Jersey Shore is never an intelligent fashion choice.”

    Have you ever been to the Upper East Side?

  2. Marian

    The pants, the shirt and the button down is a disappointment. Not classy at all.