With smooth chests and trimmed beards becoming the new de facto state, I thought I’d give you a quick guide to ridding yourself of unsightly body hairs. Just what do you need in order to eliminate those stray follicles from your belly button and the knuckle of your big toe?

Below is a quick list of the tools you’ll need to finally rid yourself of all those unwanted hairs. Don’t forget, you can always leave a comment, and don’t forget to check out the previous guide on taming facial hair too!



Whilst plucking is both painful and time consuming, it’s still the best way to deal with small troublesome areas. Errant follicles around eyebrows and around the nose can be grabbed with minimal fuss – just remember to apply a hot towel for a minute or so first; opening the pores will reduce the painful throbbing typically associated with tweezer usage.

Small Scissors

small scissors

These are superb at getting in to the hard to reach areas around the ears and nose. Naturally, great care should be taken when trimming these crevices, and if you’re having problems doing it yourself, you should ask a friend to help. Alternatively…

Nose-hair Trimmers

nose hair

These fantastic devices can be purchased for pocket change in most cities and take all the danger out of trimming the nasal region and around the outer ears (never stick anything inside your ear canal – EVER).

Although you don’t get the same level of control as you would scissors, you don’t have to worry about slipping and chopping off a lobe! Use weekly for the best results.

Electric Razor

body groomer

For any large area of hair that you can see and easily reach, the electric razor is the way to go. Chest, arms, legs and *ahem* ‘downstairs regions’ can be made smooth pretty easily with these inexpensive devices.

Don’t forget to apply salves, creams and balms once you’re done to help prevent rashes and itching, and don’t go too crazy around the groin area either – a pre-pubescent expanse is not an attractive look in a man!



When it comes to eliminating hair from large unreachable areas, the best way to eradicate furry patches is via professional waxing. Best reserved for the back, don’t be tempted to try DIY waxing; you simply don’t have the leveraging speed required to pull off the strips – plus it’s as messy as heck, of course.

Laser Treatment


When you want permanent removal, lasering is the only way to go. You’ll probably require more than one session to ensure you don’t experience any re-growth and it certainly isn’t cheap, but some find the high cost is more than worth it for the lifetime free of waxing, trimming, plucking and chopping.

However, never forget that it’s a permanent (or semi-permanent) solution, and you never know when the au naturale look will return again: don’t get lasered anywhere you may later regret it.

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