Welcome to the internet equivalent of the end-of-year review show.

Today I’m giving you the ‘top ten’ countdown of articles that have appeared on Guy Style Guide this calendar year.

Many thanks go to all those lovely people who’ve supported the site over the past 12 months (even those quiet first few) and, of course, to you too dear visitor – without you none of this would’ve happened!

10. Versatile Male Fashion Trends For Summer 2010

Swim Shorts

We kickstarted the revival back in May with my versatile fashion trends for summer and autumn/fall; I’m pretty pleased with my predictions, although I wish the season had lasted a little longer before plummeting into the sub-zero temperatures.

9. Sunglasses for Men 2010


Again, while I stand by my comments on what looked to be ‘hot’ for the season, the premature end and recession-hit times meant that new shades weren’t as huge as they should have been. The good news, however, is these great seasonal items will be heavily discounted come the New Year sales!

8. How To Pick The Right Tie Knot

Tying a tie ~ ABC Neckties

Michael Carper from ABC Neckties provided this fantastic guide to tie tying back in August. If the sheer size and depth of the article wasn’t enough to impress, then the content certainly was. Many thanks Michael!

7. More Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid

article on fashion faux pas

My ever popular posts on ‘fashion faux pas’ was increased by one this year. Remember folks, mandanas and try-hards never work quite as well as you’d hoped!

6. Finding New Fashion for Men

Fashion Trends For Men

Add this one to your bookmarks for when you’ve lost faith in the fashion industry. There are great new styles and designs out there all the time; use this guide to help you explore for new garments and advice.

5.Swimming Trunks for Men


Another summertime favourite. Picking out the perfect pair of swimming trunks needn’t be a hassle if you know what you’re looking for, and this article was dedicated to getting you guys wearing the best pair for your body type; it’s still not too late to take a read, especially if you live in the Southern Hemisphere!

4. Discover Your Skin Type

Discover your skin type

While not the most popular article in terms of comments or views, I certainly feel it was one of the best written articles this year. If you’ve yet to take action on your skin, I’d recommend a read with haste…

3. Perfecting the Rugged look


This was a fun one to write; it’s nice to see the hardcore Metrosexual look start to fade away and a more authentic display of masculinity begin to take hold again.

2. How To Wear Men’s Jewellery & Accessories


This one caused a lot of chatter on the comments. I always knew there’d be an element of controversy about this post, but I still believe that if you stick to the basic rules there’s no male accessory you can’t wear with great success.

1. 101 Incredible Tumblr Blogs for Men’s Fashion


Could there be any doubt? Okay, I’ll admit it, I did make two big mistakes: those being 1) putting numbers by each entry – the competition among guys is fierce, but I never expected such rivalry between the Tumblr masses and 2) not including another 150 Tumblr blogs – who knew there’d be such a huge number of great male fashion authors out there? Look out for the follow up article sometime in the New Year…

And with that folks, it’s time to say thank you for the great year together and have a very Merry Christmas!


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