Due to the phenomenal success of my previous Tumblr post I have, as promised, created a sequel. Just like last time there are one hundred awesome men’s fashion tumblogs to add to your dashboard.

Unlike last time, though, I haven’t numbered these; remember, these aren’t ranked and shouldn’t be treated as such. Don’t feel offended if you didn’t make it in this time either (or if I’ve listed somebody twice by accident) – there’ll be more Tumblr love coming soon enough…

Beyond Fabric

Honor Thy Tailor

Argyle & Gingham

New Battery

MiCC’d Up

The Style Buff



James Clothier

Men’s Fashion

Geezer Style

What sparkles and what is gold

G The Gentleman

Anchor Division

This and That

Simply Dressed


Cream Cheese & Caviar



Things Ive Stumbled Upon

Personal Style

Mr Cee

Monthly Planet

some other style

Guy Style

William Benjamin III

Oswald Grouse

f**k yeah menswear

The Fashionisto

Dreams of Perfection

I am Savoir-Faire

Simply Dressing Better

Urban Prep

Buddy Blue

Ned Likes This

Random In My Head

Sing Out;



Homem Moderno

Neo Retro

Trend Coffee


The Life and Times of Eric D. Wills

20 Something and Counting


Preppy Supply

I am Chris Tops

Wingtips and Loafers

Everlane on Tumblr

F**k Rules Play Dirty

Little Gym

Good Clobber


Follow The Bison

Fine. Fashion. Freedom.


Waiting to Land

A Social Agreement

Interesting Mind

17 Letters from Arkansas

Cargo Art


Grey Anonymous

The World Is My Playground

In pursuit of gentlemanly beauty

Rugged Old Salt

Materialistic Philosophy

So this is me


In Our Own World


I Love Design

bored to death

Dapper Dakon

Cool in the Heat

Benny’s Bow Ties

We Were Making Good Time…


Ladies & Gentry

The Lighter Side

The Slow Descent

You’re left, I’m RIGHT.

John’s not here…

Diving Deep

The Cat’s Alley

Him | He | His. Fashion

Duck The Fraft

The Slim Guy Fit


Attainable Style

The Rabbit Hole

The Omen

Collier Clothing

fromage et alpinisme

boom boom supersonic boom

The Tiny TieRant

The New Black

Claremont Estate

About The Author

Johnathan Bell is the founder, owner and main author of Guy Style Guide, a website dedicated to everyday male fashion, style and grooming. The primary mission? To guide clueless men through the tricky mindfield that is the growing world of male couture. Find him on , Twitter and Tumblr.

33 Responses

  1. a

    I’m sure these are all great but no one who isn’t in the fashion industry or a full time tumblr reader needs *100* menswear blogs to add to their dashboard. So how about some commentary on each of these blogs explaining what they’re about, why you think they’re “incredible,” how they’re different from all the others, etc. That way people could find something that matches their interests, or at least put to rest their suspicions that you just typed “sprezz” or “steez” into the tumblr search bar and posted the first hundred results.

    • Johnathan

      Hi there a,

      Thanks for the comment; you’ve raised a lot of issues, so I’ll try to tackle them all as best I can.

      Firstly, those who follow my blog will now have a grand total of 201 menswear blogs to follow – this list is the promised sequel to the first one I published last year: the result? I was told several times over that I’d “missed someone out” and “I didn’t know half of these blogs existed – thanks!”. It was by far and away the most popular article I’d authored last year, so while having 100 more blogs to add to the dashboard may not appeal to yourself, I can assure you it does to others.

      Secondly, Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform. People express themselves using pictures, videos and links rather than traditional blogs with articles, lengthy posts and in-depth discussions (there’s not even a formal comments system at Tumblr). Therefore, the commentary on each of the above 100 blogs would basically read the same: “A great blog whose content I read daily – you’ll find great images and occasional videos of superb looking clothing and men’s fashion. A worthy follow.”

      Lastly, if the blogs weren’t A-Grade, I wouldn’t follow them, nor would I endorse them on a list such as this. I certainly wouldn’t waste hours worth of my weekend and gigabytes of my bandwidth on posting the first hundred results that happened to turn up in a search result ~ I believe google is better suited for such things!

      Thank you again for the comment,

  2. Johnathan

    @SOOPERlouie @Simplydressed @Jamison Thank you for comments & keep up the great tumblr-ing!

  3. spoozy

    Hey there,

    thx for including me on the list…you just doubled my reading list 🙂


  4. funkypresident

    Wow gsg thanks for compiling these lists. My procrastinating just increased exponentially.

    One reader complained how few of these had mostly original content. I dont mind If you do want original content, shameless plug:


    • Johnathan

      This kind of shameless plug we could all definitely do with more of in our lives!

  5. MiCC

    I’m beyond honored to be included on this list of great blogs. Thank you so much for noticing. I try my hardest on the blog. Thanks a mill…

  6. Tom

    Great list, stumbled across some real gems like last time. Perhaps next time my own blog willl be featured, though not every picture is fashion, the majority are, and there is indeed some commentary rather than reblogging Wooster at Pitti! Great list though.

  7. Dakon

    Just wanted to thank you kindly for this. I appreciate the feature, keep up the amazing work you do!

  8. Beyond Fabric

    Thank you so much for putting me up there!

    It’s definitely an honor, I only found out the list today =)

    Also, you deserve a top spot in that list, keep up the great work.



  9. Tucked

    I didn’t even notice this went up! Thank you so much for including me, great list! I’m always looking for new things to check out.


  10. dresssofresh

    It’s going to take me, like, two weeks to get through all these!
    I agree with comments you do deserver to put yourself there 🙂

  11. John

    Out of curiosity, will you be compiling another list anytime soon? Maybe for the fresh fashion season of Fall? I’m just asking because some people on your list here, and in part 1, aren’t active anymore or some new and noteworthy tumblrs have popped up since the publishing of this list.

    • Johnathan

      Never say never 😉

      Generally, the feedback on these posts has been very positive, and certainly I’m always prepared to do another. It’s simply a question of finding the time – it can take the best part of a weekend to compile and publish. I think an annual list may perhaps be the best way forward; as you mention, some tumblrs on the list aren’t active anymore, and new, noteworthy microbloggers turn up every day.

      Thanks for the comment, John.

  12. lbrooksj31

    Congrats! Actually I have a tumblr and I will follow you. For me your fashions are great so that you got the best praise.