Although we’ve covered how to care for your clothing in the past, we’ve yet to see how you should store your finest garments. Now I know what you’re thinking:

“Surely a hanger is just a hanger?”

The answer is a resounding no. As you’ll read below, not all garment storage devices are built equal; continuing in the recurring series of ‘for every occasion’, find out how you should be storing your attire properly.

Buy more general-purpose hangers

These are the solid wooden hangers you’ll find in your local IKEA superstore. Sturdy, dependable and relatively inexpensive, these will do wonders to support your finest luxury-brand clothing.

Throw out the wire

Remove these from your closet immediately; they offer no shoulder support, warping your fabrics within an inch of their lives. The heavier the garment, the more tension is levied upon it. At most, you should keep a single spare wire hanger for fishing your keys out of the drain…

Fold your knitwear

Ideally, your sweaters should be kept on a shelf, not a hanger. This will prevent gravity from slowly stretching out the fibers and permanently elongating your finest merino.

Unusual garment? Unusual hanger!

When buying an unusual piece, be sure to ask the retailer to include the specially-molded hanger, otherwise your new favorite garment will lose its shape and end up in your nearest recycle bin before you know it.

Contoured or Flat?

Given the choice, most of the time you’ll want contoured hangers. They’re more anatomically correct and preserve the shape of the garment more effectively in the longer term.

“What size do I need?”

Generally speaking, you’ll need a variety of sizes. Thick hangers are great for jackets and coats, while thin hangers are better for lighter pieces like t-shirts. You may find that plastic, tubular hangers work best on slimmer garments, rather than traditional wooden frames.

Make sure that whatever the thickness, it spans the width of the shoulders correctly. Ill-fitting hangers will either stretch around the upper arms if too big, or slope the shoulders if too small.

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