A few weeks ago we took a look at buying a nice pair of boots; but how do we know if we’ve got a good fit or not? Most men haven’t considered their sizing since they last visited a shoe store with their mother several decades ago.

Join me now, as I give you a few basic pointers on how to get the perfect fit when selecting your brand new footwear: pinched toes and slaughtered heels begone – permanently!

Check the toes

The first port of call is your toes. As I’ve mentioned before, you don’t need those extra inches for growing room that you once did. The fit should be secure, but with a centimeter or two of space between the end of the shoe and your longest toe: no more!

As a rule of thumb, you should have enough freedom to wiggle your toes slightly.

Secure the heel

You’re likely to get a bit of rubbing initially, so you may want to think about putting a couple of band-aids on your heels for the first few weeks just to give yourself some cushioning while the shoes are worn in.

The heel should fit firmly and comfortably against the rear lining: if there’s excessive slippage, consider another pair instead.

Over the instep

The instep is the arched area on the top of the foot between your toes and ankles; the tongue of the shoe should sit lightly on top without restricting or banding your feet. If you find your laces are constantly coming undone throughout the day, be sure to take a look at the following video:

How Should a Men’s Dress Shoe Fit? — powered by eHow.com

Consider your arches

A solid arch will give your foot good support. Be cautious of overbuilt arches however, as they can contribute to poor posture and warp your feet over time if habitually abused. If you have concerns over such things, speak with an expert for further advice.

Afternoon Delight

If you want the best fit you should always visit your retailer later in the day or during twilight hours; your feet will naturally expand over the day, so shoes that are a perfect fit in the morning might be a terrible choice by ten o’ clock at night.

Teh Internets Brokez My Feets

Never purchase shoes sight-unseen. If you have your eye on a nice pair of brogues, but don’t know what they’ll feel like ‘on’, go to your nearest shoe emporium and try them there first. You’ll only end up with the hassle of having to return them later if you don’t.

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