One question I’ve been asked time and again for the past few weeks is, “What colours should I be wearing for Spring”. Not one to shy away from a challenge, today I’m throwing out some colour combinations that should serve you well this season.

Remember to read up on how your skin tone affects what you should be wearing before you go loading up on a colour that’ll wash you out or overwhelm your frame. Don’t forget to trust your eyes too; if it doesn’t suit you then put it back on the shelf.

As usual, these are ‘universal’ combinations; feel free to pull in other colours, shades and tones as you see fit. While you can’t exactly go wrong with these, still apply the usual caution before kitting yourself out head to toe in a single hue.

Pastels are key

If there’s one element you must get right before you start, it’s that tone and strength of colour are important when putting together a stereotypical ‘spring’ ensemble. Don’t be tempted to match up rich, sumptuous shades; waxy, glossy fabrics and bold primaries – consistency is called for when selecting the appropriate palette.

Seeing it’s spring, pastel shades should be used for your base. These bright and airy hues reflect the spirit of renewal and freshness surrounding the season.

Avoid monotones

The problem with pastels is their tendency to inspire visions of insipid colours. This is usually as a result of being too monotone, and failing to bring in complementary tones.

With this being the case, avoid choosing three shades of mint-green or half a dozen items, each with a tint of lemon. While the contrast is more subtle than the archetypal ‘summer’ outfit, you still need enough colour variety to stand out.



Hints of brown and green should be combined with reddish tints to give depth and contrast. Those with medium skin should be careful with an earthen palette, as it can fall short against your complexion.



Forget the magenta of summer, the terracotta flavour afforded by light pinks feels natural and bright. Those with light or fair skin should avoid peach due to its lack of contrast. Lemon and cream complements avoid the ‘meat counter’ effect.

Sky Blues

Blue Sky

Forget about those shades that haunted your early childhood. Sacrifice baby blues for those with a steely intensity. Milky stone and bright yellows complement effortlessly and evenly.

Bright & White

White and Bright

Eggshell, mushroom, cappuccino and more, all combined to make white work without any ‘boy band’ drama. To avoid being a total whitewash, throw on some accessories with a slash of colour.

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