The other month, we took a quick look at how to start growing your beard. By now, you might be at the stage where your facial hair is getting a little too bushy and slightly too long for your tastes.

Today, I’m going to take a brief peek at how to start grooming your new beard, and go through a few quick tips on keeping those whiskers looking suave and tame.

Lets start by examining the equipment you’ll require to keep your facial hair in check.

What You’ll Need

There are essentially two routes you can go down. Firstly, you can opt for using scissors. This is a fine option for long, full beards that require a firm hand, but can be quite tricky to use on thinner, shorter beards. Either way, it’s recommended that you use a pair of professional barber’s scissors due to their superior cutting power and stronger blades.

scissors for beards

The alternative is a beard trimmer. Like normal hair trimmers, it comes with different length ‘combs’/blade lengths to ensure you get an even trim over the entire surface of the face. Always go electric, cordless and rechargeable wherever possible – you’ll find it less a matter of convenience and more a way of avoiding cable-related frustration when moving across the bathroom.

beard trimmer

Finally, you’ll want a beard comb. These will help rid you of tangles and ‘debris’ that might be hiding inside your ‘stache. It’ll also act as a helpful guide whilst trimming up your beard using scissors.

moustache comb

How To Trim

The problem most men have with beard maintenance is shaving/cutting off too much hair. This might be a difficult objective at first, so don’t feel too bad if you take off a little too much on the first few attempts.

Make sure you’re trimming on dry hair follicles; wet hair and warm pores will make the hair extend much further out than normal, meaning you’re risking taking off too much.

Start by combing the hair downward to ensure you’re getting an even length from your cut. Then, either with scissors or trimmers, start cutting the hair. Begin by taking only a small amount; remember, you can always go back for more, but once it’s gone, it’s gone. Go from the centre of the face towards the sides – this way you’ll get a more even finish.

Once trimmed, it’s time for shaping. Use your trimmer or a razor to define the neckline and cheeks. Make sure you don’t cut too close to the jaw line, or you’ll find the beard appears too short. Most guides recommend cutting to just above the Adam’s apple at the centre point. Follow the natural contours of the face never ending above the earlobes on either side.

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