As you might be aware, it’s a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK. So today I thought I’d provide you with a double-posting treat to celebrate the shorter workweek.

The first of today’s ‘Quick Tips’ posts comes in the form of bowties, the oft misunderstood cousin of the necktie.

Here are five simple hints to get you started with this most elegant garment.

1. Bowties are ‘dressy’ by design

Unless you’re specifically championing the ‘preppy’ look, you may find a bowtie is simply overkill. The only occasion reserved specifically for bowties is when a tuxedo is in play – and even then, it’s not always essential.

2. Keep the size in check

You should ensure it’s never tied wider than the neck, but not so small that it vanishes against the neckline.

3. Keep it simple, silly

As always, stick with plain, traditional hues and uncomplicated patterns at first, only introducing the likes of paisley and plaid after you’ve grown confident with styling clothes.


There’s no excuse on the planet to avoid tying a bowtie for yourself. Knotting a bowtie is surprisingly easy and there’s plenty of places on the internet to learn how to do it.

5. Always buy the finest

Be it silk, cotton or wool (but undoubtedly not polyester), always choose the finest fabrics you can possibly afford. Not only will your bow tie last longer if treated right, it’ll also look better overall.

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