For the second post of today I bring you the logical counterpart: neckties. For a business staple, many men still get this garment so badly wrong, so keep these quick tips in mind at all times.

I’m off to enjoy the remaining minutes of sunshine before the inevitable British weather takes hold. Hope you are all having a great weekend wherever you are in the world.

Until next time, enjoy…

1. Go for fine fabrics

Whilst ties are available in a range of textiles, silk is much easier to handle than wool. That said, polyester and nylon rarely look anything more than shiny and synthetic.

2. There’s nothing wrong with a ‘Four in Hand’…

It’s simple, stylish and timeless. There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with sporting the ‘Four in Hand’ knot, plus it works particularly well with skinny ties.

3. …But, there’s more to life than just ‘Four in Hand’

Don’t be afraid to try out the like of the Shelby or Half Windsor once in a while; there are plenty of online resources teaching you how to tie a whole range of knots.

4. Practice your knots

There’s little worse, fashion wise, than a badly knotted Windsor. Avoid those unwieldy and swollen knots by tying with care and attention.

5. Keep your length consistent

Your tie should just touch your belt and never too far above or below it. Anything too long or short looks ridiculous.

6. Always keep things simple

Don’t wear boldly contrasting patterns and colors together; that is to say, never put an orange polka dot tie with a yellow paisley shirt or vice versa.

7. Never reveal your neckline

Always ensure your shirt’s top button is sealed when wearing a tie for business; similarly, if the tie doesn’t hide the neckline your knot is too loose.

8. Check yourself

Unless you’ve looked in a mirror before leaving the house, you’re not ready to go yet. Always adjust and straighten your knot when leaving for work in the morning.

9. Tie color is important

Remember, colors say different things about your personality. Generally speaking, the accepted rule is plain, conservative reds and blues for job interviews and black for a funeral.

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5 Responses

  1. Mark Rampion

    I’ve seen people(especially stylish old men)wearing the arrow pointed head of their too long ties in their pants.Is that “legit”?

    • Diego

      No, guys usually do this because the length of their tie is too long. Avoid doing this at all costs or you will look like a bocce playing pensioner.


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