It’s been a while coming, but guest post season has once more descended upon the pages of Guy Style Guide; be prepared for several articles over the next few weeks from a range of top fashion authors.

Today, it’s the turn of Iain, who’s kindly authored a response to my recent posting on fashion essentials for the upcoming cold season, specifically with regards to choosing gloves in the correct size. So, without further ado, I turn proceedings over to Iain…

Johnathan’s recent post, 5 Winter/Fall fashion Essentials For Men, declared quite rightly that when it comes to gloves “one size never fits all”! Unless of course you want a pair of those stretchy kiddies spandex mittens which I’m guessing the style savvy readers of this blog would not entertain, possibly even for their own kiddies.

One thing that was missing from Johnathan’s post was how to size gloves; given that many of us have time challenges and are likely to buy online we may not be able to try a pair on before purchase. If like me you prefer long lasting, high-quality traditionally made clothing and accessories then it would be an expensive mistake to make. Dents gloves, who are recognised throughout the world as having some of the finest leather gloves available anywhere, have provided the following information on how to measure and size your hand for glove fitting:

Gloves come in various sizing methods, some are sized small, medium and large while others are sized with numbers and half numbers; regardless of how they are sized the measurements required remain constant. To find your glove size simply measure the hand you normally write with around the palm at its widest point in inches (excluding the thumb), then round up to the nearest half or whole number. (Note: one inch = 25.4mm).

Glove sizes come in half and whole numbers, between 7½ and 11 for men. For example if your hand measures 8½ inches around its widest point (excluding the thumb), your glove size is 9 as the rounding up from 8½ gives a glove size of 9.

When it comes to gloves that are sized S,M,L,and XL the recognised conversion is:

Dents Finest Gloves Take TimeMens Gloves

Size Range
Small: 7½ – 8
Medium: 8½ – 9
Extra Large: 10 – 10½

If you are thinking of buying the lady in your life a quality pair of gloves as a gift then you should be aware that the measuring system remains the same, however women’s gloves are sized between 6 and 8½ and the S, M and L chart looks like this.

Women’s Gloves

Size Range
Small: 6 – 6½
Medium: 7 – 7½
Large: 8 – 8½

Gloves, and in particular leather gloves, should be a snug fit at first but will stretch to become the perfect fit so if you are between sizes then you should choose the smaller size.

Dents have been making gloves since 1777 and are recognised wordlwide by fashion and quality concious consumers. You can view the full range of products at Dents online store

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