Winter brings a whole host of challenges to those who wish to look stylish while staying comfortable. Temperatures drop while the rain and snow become more common, and if you are not careful you can find yourself wrapped in layer upon layer of bulky clothes, looking twice as heavy and completely unfashionable. If you want to prepare for the season then you will need to head to a shop such as Scotts Menswear, which offers a wide range of brands and a variety of clothing and styles. Make sure to bear these tips in mind to make the most of your winter wardrobe.

Invest In A Classic Coat

A winter coat performs important functions in both fashion and comfort. When the weather gets chilly you will most likely not be seen outdoors without your coat protecting you from the elements. It is therefore vital that your winter coat flatters your style and gives out the right impression. A high quality coat in a classic style will last for several years, so make sure not to compromise on your coat in order to save money in the short term.

Keeping Warm Without Bulking Up

Warmth in winter does not necessarily require bulky knits and the accompanying illusion of extra pounds. A pair of long johns or thermal underwear provides insulation, and today they can be found with such thin construction that nobody would ever realise that you are wearing an extra layer. They also allow you to re-use some of your summer and autumn wardrobes by providing the extra warmth that those garments are lacking. Wool clothing provides extra insulation, and many attractive knits can be found at bargain prices. Even chunky knits can be gorgeous as long as you make sure that they are well-constructed and do not bulk out your figure.


Accessories are important both for your overall look and your comfort. Gloves, scarves and hats will keep you warm and protected from the elements while completing your outfit. A quality pair of lined leather gloves in a classic black or dark brown will complement most outfits; you will likely need a selection of gloves and hats for different weather conditions and ensembles. A basic selection should include dark, neutral and at least one colourful scarf while hats should be selected to suit your style and encompass the varied weather of the winter.

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