To celebrate the launch of GuyStyleGuide’s new look, and to satisfy the requests of many, I give to you 138 fantastic men’s fashion Tumblr blogs to add to your Dashboards. Some are old, some new, some a mix of fashion, grooming and style, others dedicated solely to couture.

If I’ve missed you off the list again, my apologies; even with 138 tumblr blogs, I still had plenty of great alternatives: it’s a real testament to the quality of ‘lookbook’ bloggers in the menswear community! You can always add your name to the ‘Missing In Action’ list in the comments section below if you feel genuinely aggrieved at failing to appear.

As always, the list is numbered for convenience only – there are no rankings; I say it every time, but still the competitive spirit of fashion bloggers cannot be quashed. Don’t forget to check out the previous lists: 101 Incredible Tumblr Blogs For Men’s Fashion and Another 100 Incredible Tumblr Blogs For Men’s Fashion and, of course, my own Tumblr Lookbook.

1. Tetino-Tetê

2. Downeast and Out

3. Suits & Shirts

4. It’s All Mental Masturbation

5. Know The Details

6. Men’s Fashion & Style

7. park & bond

8. Toad Hall

9. Where Is The Cool?

10. Grey on Gray

11. Fashisaurus

12. Steezasaurus Rex

13. Moda e Stile

14. Commonwealth Proper

15. Impress To Dress

16. The Dandy Portraits

17. Men’s Style Pro – On The Go

18. StuffEyeLikE

19. Matters of Style

20. The asterisk* marks the spot

21. Of Style and Strength

22. Sartorial Inspiration

23. Sharp For Men

24. Bow Ties & Sneakers®

25. Real Men Dress Like Real Men

26. Dappered As Shit

27. DressRight(Dress)


29. Carnet De Mode

30. Killian & Co.

31. Hommism

32. The Dapper Style

33. The Sartor

34. abitofcolor

35. Paradisiac Fashion Blog

36. Neatly Defective

37. Men’s Health Look Book

38. Circumstances of the life of a Gentleman

39. Music, Musings and Muses…

40. Welcome To Narnia

41. StylePoints

42. Hail Satin

43. the IT man

44. Inspirations

45. The Style I Want

46. Fashionably Blown

47. A tortured mind visualized

48. Malt

49. BlackLapel Custom Clothiers

50. Sartorial Lane


52. Skinny Pants

53. fashion il homme

54. Wear Menswear

55. Slugworth Labs


57. Easy Rod

58. Man of Interest

59. Rye & Rivet

60. Dead Gentlemen Society

61. Steeze Eeze

62. New Shoes Old Hat

63. The Lifestyle of a Preppy Gay Kid

64. NOoneCANhateTHEbeauty

65. Pochette²

66. Madhoney

67. Deszir

68. Style Thesis

69. Uncle Beebo

70. insert title

71. A Neapolitan Dream

72. Active In Pursuit

73. The Armoury Lightbox

74. Athens/Style

75. Bryn Robert Berry

76. Adabraka Sartorialist

77. Assemble

78. So What Else Is New?

79. Lazy Astronaut

80. hi there

81. Call Me Mr. D!

82. Homenots

83. Chic & Homme

84. sore from sleep.

85. fitted trousers

86. Simple Is The New Black

87. Life.Style to the Max

88. Plain T-shirt

89. Quietly Well Dressed

90. JCrew | 770 Behind The Line

91. I Like, I Do, I Am …

92. hardly what it seems

93. Jorgen August

94. took took

95. The Ivy Republic

96. My Card, Sir.

97. It’s all in the little details…



100. The Asmonti Chronicles

101. Die, Workwear!

102. Drop Dead Prep

103. ideas without franklins

104. Topman Tumblr

105. Have Less Be More

106. Elegancia Básica

107. could i wear that?

108. IdiosyncratiConcept

109. EB Daily

110. feelgoodfashion

111. Become a Gentleman

112. J-Cudi

113. No One Stays at the Top Forever



116. Oh yeah, by the way.

117. cirqus6

118. nothing last forever..

119. Fashions Fade, Style Is Eternal

120. One man’s style must not be the rule of another’s.

121. Get Preppy and Dirty

122. My Thoughts

123. Suit and Tie Lovers

124. I understand & wish to continue

125. paging, chiz.

126. Boots’n’Scarf

127. martin.oliver

128. FashionLifeStyle

129. Je ne regrette rien

130. for the blind

131. The VOLKA

132. A Modern Glory

133. Logan Zane

134. Homeboi Chic

135. Kevin Seto

136. Stay Classic

137. the style of a guy

138. Looking Smart

About The Author

Johnathan Bell is the founder, owner and main author of Guy Style Guide, a website dedicated to everyday male fashion, style and grooming. The primary mission? To guide clueless men through the tricky mindfield that is the growing world of male couture. Find him on , Twitter and Tumblr.

42 Responses

    • Johnathan

      You are absolutely correct Taylor; my tumblr is practically a second home for your reblogs. What can I say – I’m humbled by your excellence, and feel thoroughly ashamed 🙁

  1. Sam N.

    Really excited for making the list 🙂 BTW i think you missed MAJOR overlook in my opinion otherwise awesome choices.

  2. Ray

    I was so surprised I made this list! Thanks Johnathan! I appreciate it. Missing in action: thetieguy

    • Johnathan

      My pleasure, Ray.

      I fear the ‘Male Fashion Mafia’ has already taken a hit out on me for failing to list thetieguy… I’ll be sure to check my bed for horses heads over the coming hours…

  3. Taylor

    hahaha well thank you johnathan ray and sam n! i just hit 5000 followers for a REASON. and just so you all know im currently collaborating on the dapper style too! how can i make nick woosters list of 31 top fashion blogs and miss yours? that seems a little strange if you ask me…

    • Johnathan

      It’s my bitter revenge for being shunned by Mr. Wooster of course 😉

      Congratulations on the 5K milestone, I just know you’ll be hitting 10,000 within a matter of weeks!

  4. EB

    Oh cool…I made the list. Thanks! I’m gonna have to take some time and see who I’m not already following. Great work guys. Tons of inspiration.

  5. Louie O.

    It’s a great mix of different menswear blogs that include different fashion focuses. Yet another great list you’ve compiled here, Johnathan, haha. By the way, loving the new layout. Way to keep it fresh(:


  6. Robert W.

    Damn I didn’t make the cut? I’ll keep working on it..Maybe next time…nice list otherwise…

  7. Athens/Style

    Well I run the blog actively the last a year (or more) and it feels good to be mantioned in a list full of other bloggers that I do admire their work, passion and inspiration. That makes me realy happy, and I want to share it with you guys!

  8. Spoozy

    Didn’t make it yet another time. jonathan, u gotta be kiddin me. My dash is made from all the great blogs named up there…and you forgot Spoo, the styleforum hero.

    My own humble try on men’s wear blogging:

  9. Kevin

    A few weeks late on this, but thanks so much for the recognition! Greatly appreciated. I’m a fan of your blog too.

  10. Jaec

    Cheers to this man, been blogging for a while on menswear and it’s nice to add these blogs to the follow list.

  11. TR

    OK, OK. We get it: you like semi-erotic gay sites with clones with 5 o’clock shadow, tight, too small jeans-trousers-blazers and too small imaginations like yours.

  12. Shawn

    Great list! 3 misses for me though – TheTieGuy, LeCose and ThisAndThatStyle…

  13. Tête

    I just saw this list today, what a honor, thank you so much. I know there are no rankings but thanks for letting me be number one!


  14. Adil

    Wow. Such a lengthy list. Johnathan I think first of all You should be Applauded for showing great commitment to coming up with bulk of fashion blogs for your readers.

    I checked the few of them, this is certainly a great list.

    Thank for providing the valuable list.

  15. Modern Nerd

    Great List Jonathan! We will definitely check all of them out, as well as everyone else’s blogs that were mentioned in the comment section 😉