I’ve written at some length regarding the importance of picking men’s underwear and how you can get a great looking derriere whatever ‘junk’ you’re packing in your ‘trunk’.

Consequently, it should be no surprise to hear I’m a perfectionist when it comes to choosing great quality undergarments.

Alas, however, it’s an exceptionally tough job finding a pair of boxers or briefs that’ll live up to my high expectations, and shopping for underwear can become a real pain in a very short period of time.

What is jac5?

what is jac5?

Enter jac5’s founder James Christopher, whose mission is get guys wearing luxurious underwear they can be proud of. Having noted the age-old problems of itchy waistbands, mediocre fits and poor sex appeal, Mr. Christopher was intent on creating a range of cosmopolitan undergarments every man could be delighted with.

Structured around Jim’s faithful Jack Russell terriers, the jac5 brand is split into three distinct categories. There’s ‘Loyal’ for stylish, comfortable everyday underwear; ‘Super Smart’ for something a little more special; and finally, ‘Barking Mad’ for boxers and briefs with a zany, colorful twist.

The minimalist approach to the brand is incredibly successful; whatever your mood, you know the perfect style of trunks is only a mouse-click away – be it demure work wear or something special for the weekend…

Unlike, say, the more outrageous Björn Borg, jac5 knows cunning, understated style is the way forward and even their more adventurous range has a suave simplicity about it.

Jac5 features something for everyone, without a dizzying array of superfluous merchandise to wade through. In the quality versus quantity war, jac5 has hit the mark just right.

Online Store

online store for jac5

The retailing portal is easy to navigate and each garment comes equipped with high quality visuals; changing the color or pattern of the undies automatically updates the display to your current choice, giving you instantly revised selections with minimal effort.

There are plenty of alternative angles from which you can view your undies, along with a short accompanying video to see the product in motion on a live model – a fantastic visual cue that many online retailers could do with considering.

jac5 has video demonstrations

Product detail is adequate, if a little lightweight, and the helpful ‘size guide’ pop-up can be accessed at any point. Personally, I’d like to see slightly more information added in future, but it certainly does the job it sets out to achieve.

Orders are processed via PayPal, so you can be sure of a speedy checkout, plus invoices can easily be accessed through your account should you wish to print out hard copies of your purchases.
After you’ve gone through the checkout process, you can track the status of your order from inside your account; it’s yet another nice touch that demonstrates a superior level of detail.

All in all, the online shopping experience with jac5 was painless, fluid and completely without incident.

Postage & Packing

There are ‘thumbs up’ aplenty in this department. International shipping is free on every purchase, with not a minimum spend limit in sight – a nice incentive if I ever saw one!

Equally exceptional is the packaging, which is far from an afterthought in the thoughtful hands of jac5. Every purchase comes sealed with an elegant black, reusable mesh pouch; even those who normally dislike branded wrapping can’t deny the appeal of such a mindful covering; it’s like an overnight bag just for your skivvies, and a great way to stow an extra set of undercrackers when you’re travelling light.

jac5 also do gift boxes

My only genuine concern in the P&P department would be the pesky matter of international sales taxes – potentially a real headache for those with sizable deliveries. As with any transatlantic purchase, you should always double check local duties and levies before ordering.

The Product

I decided to sample the jac5 service with a pair of classic knit boxers, in a rather attractive charcoal, selected from the ‘Loyal’ range. You can view a video of these in action below:

As I measure between sizes I chose the closest match possible; this turned out to be a sensible idea, as the fit was almost near perfect reflecting the ‘real sizing’ alluded to on the product information page.

The fabric feels soft and sumptuous, with the yielding elasticized waistband sitting comfortably across my frame; it’s everything you’re promised in the literature, although sadly without the flattering male-model physique to enhance the look.

Quality-wise, you’re definitely getting a good buy; I’ll readily admit you’re paying a little more than you normally would for well-established high street brands, but you’re receiving a superior product in return should my experience with the classic knit boxers be anything to go by – not so much as a stitch or button out of place!


Is jac5 going to be man’s new best friend? I’d say so! If like me you’re becoming ever more disappointed with what the high street has to offer, and you want underwear that’ll really impresses, jac5 is an ideal place to start looking for that pair of something special.

jac5 logo

Website: http://www.jac5.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jac5official
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jac5official

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