Seeing that we’ve been plunged into arctic conditions here in Great Britain, and I’m currently still a flu-drenched mess, I thought it might be a nice time to tackle the comfiest of all men’s clothing – loungewear.

So grab a cup of cocoa and a warm, Egyptian cotton blanket and settle down to this starter guide for everyday men.

Grab Your Pyjamas

Sure, PJs aren’t the trusty stalwarts of nightwear they used to be, but don’t discount them just yet: you’d be amazed how wearing a pair to bed can keep you super snug and save on those central heating costs both at the same time.

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Remember to find thicker materials like flannel for autumn and winter, and lighter fabrics like cotton and silk for the hotter months. You should, naturally, avoid any reference to cartoon characters or football teams on your nightclothes; that said, there’s nothing wrong with experimenting with a little plaid or check to liven things up. Use caution when buying stripes though – nobody looks sexy when dressed like Wee Willie Winkie.

Buy Separates

Mixing and matching pyjama bottoms and t-shirts will give you greater control over your body temperature and comfort levels, not to mention the fact you won’t need to search endlessly for matching pairs each night.

Look for a range of plain solid tees in dark shades like black, charcoal and navy to ensure you can ‘mix and match’ with the best of them.


Nothing says ‘warm tootsies’ quite like a pair of good quality slippers. Don’t be tempted into buying those novelty ones with the baubles on though; instead try a pair of sumptuous fur-lined moccasins or padded mules.


Avoid those bright ‘hot’ colours like orange and pink and stick with those deep manly tones – nobody wants to be accused of collecting the morning paper in their significant other’s slip-ons.

Ditch the Joggers

Sure, they’re great for the gym or a spot of morning yoga; but nothing says ‘I’ve-given-up-and-thrown-on-a-pair-of-sweats’ quite like joggers on a lazy weekend. Plus, you’re likely to find something much more comfortable than tight stretch-pants with nylon/polyester linings anyway.

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