Back for another outing is the ‘Q&A Quickie’ series; today, the question comes from my Tumblr inbox from an anonymous user.

“Tomorrow I’m going to a BBQ and I don’t want to be bad[ly] dressed. Got [any] advice?”

Typically, a barbecue is the first sign it’s summer, and as such you should be thinking about an outfit that matches the season. Don’t go reaching for those ‘wife beaters’ and cargo shorts with more pockets than you’ve got hands though; you can still add a little class to the occasion without resorting to a three piece suit.

It’d be remiss of me not to offer up the classic ‘garden grill’ combo of chinos, brown loafers and a polo shirt that brings out the colour in your eyes. That said, it’s a rather traditional outfit and it looks a little tired nowadays; still, a classic’s a classic and it’d be hard to go wrong with such a staple getup.

bbq image

Instead, try putting a slight twist on your ensemble; substitute a smart canvas shoe or throw on a smart-casual shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Remember, to bring a navy-blue blazer or a thin sweater/cardigan for when things start to get chilly on the patio.

Some guys like to ‘zap’ in a little colour for the occasion; feel free to do so, but try to use your common sense, and stay away from those tones that don’t match your skin tone or unbalance your look.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, unless your barbecue is taking place on the beach, say no to those crocs and flip flops – firstly, you’ll have icicles hanging off your toes by the late evening if you do, and secondly… well, let’s face it – you can do better for yourself…

Hope that solves your problem anonymous.

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