It may be tricky learning to look respectable, but it’s even harder maintaining that effortless style longer term. Over time it can be tricky to retain those elegant flourishes. Today, we take stock of our position and see what we can do in order to remain ‘top notch’ the whole year through.

Keep your hair trim

Neglect your follicles at your peril. If you think your hair is becoming a little too long your colleagues will have noticed days, or weeks, ago!

Find a great barber and stick to a regular appointment cycle; don’t go more than a month without a trim – unkempt hair will ruin the most dapper looking gent in seconds.

Keep your beard wisp-free

Length isn’t always the issue with growing a beard – containment is! To avoid the feral look ensure you’re keeping your trimmer to hand most mornings. All it takes is a quick cut around the edges to stop your whiskers from invading and taking over your visage.

Spend extra on your key staples

Once again, it’s all about value, never cost. Although you may be splashing out the cash for top quality goods, you must consider you’ll be wearing your key staples every day for the entire season and beyond.

Areas where you should be spending a little more include: overcoats, suits, blazers, sports coats and shoes.

Store your clothes right

To keep your clothes looking ‘store fresh’ use good quality wooden hangers; try to find cedar versions if you can to see off any moth larvae.

Remember to fold your pullovers to avoid stretching and keep garments wrinkle free by giving them sufficient space inside your wardrobe.

Buy everyday essentials in bulk

It’s worthwhile purchasing multiples of your everyday items; that way, when the lifespan of one garment is coming to a close, your backup is only a closet hanger away.

Wait for sale season to maximize value; ‘3 for 2’ on white t-shirts and cotton socks will keep your clothing budgets in check.

Find a good dry cleaner

If you haven’t already got one, make it your priority this week to find a great dry-cleaning service. Find one that offers minor tailoring tweaks if you can – that way your suits will be returned clean with missing buttons reattached, zippers unstuck and minor tears restored.

Don’t go overboard though; dry cleaning is tough on clothes. Restrict your sessions to once a month at the most or, better still, one big session at the end of the season.

Switch your cologne

A personal scent needn’t be for life. Keep your signature cologne up-to-date by switching once a season; find one that matches your skin type and the time of year.

Go for warm-noted fragrances during the winter and lots of high notes during the summer months. Don’t be tempted to experiment too much though – an overwhelming selection of odours can often have the opposite effect to that intended; if you’re too caviler you’ll end up with folk running a mile…

About The Author

Johnathan Bell is the founder, owner and main author of Guy Style Guide, a website dedicated to everyday male fashion, style and grooming. The primary mission? To guide clueless men through the tricky mindfield that is the growing world of male couture. Find him on , Twitter and Tumblr.

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  1. Brock

    Ahh yes, a good dry cleaner. It’s crazy how much variance there is between dry cleaners. Unless you want to replace buttons and deal with collar stains, pay a little extra for that high end dry cleaner that’s a few more blocks away!


  2. Essential Clothes For Men

    These are helpful tips. Grooming is really essential. No matter how good looking your clothes are you won’t benefit from them unless you are well-groomed. Looking clean is important.

    Storing clothes the right way is something most of us forget. If you want your quality clothes protected and available for a long time, have them cleaned and stored the right way using the right tools as mentioned above.

  3. Jeremy

    Yeah this is really helpful. I was a hippy for a number of my teen years and well I’m growing up and moving on to bigger things. so well idk it’s just something i need a little help on. so yeah thanks for the advice. Wish the guide wasn’t so short I was really digin it.