It’s been a couple of years since we last took a look at shorts, so I thought today would be the ideal opportunity to return to the subject. With the warm season on our doorstep (or fast vanishing again here in Blighty) it’s time to think about short legwear for the upcoming hot period.

But how do we keep things ‘summer casual’ rather than ‘schoolboy uniform’? Take a look at the following refresher, complete with new hints and tips…

Check for the sun…

Please don’t wear your shorts on an ice-cold day; always check the daily forecast before you don your shorts, lest you be the shivering wreck with the rain-drenched ankles slowly developing a nasty chill.

Big Butt & Flares

I’ve said it before, and I’ll happily say it again – don’t buy baggy shorts. Not only do they do little for your rump, it’ll give the impression of thunderous thighs too. Don’t buy ‘Bermuda’ or anything that flairs; thankfully, we managed to eliminate those from our wardrobes years ago, let’s not let them reinvade.

Formality First

If you need a sports coat, blazer, jacket or necktie then leave the shorts at home. Remember, shorts are about as informal as you can get (sandals not withstanding) – never schedule a business lunch in anything that fails to touch the top of your socks.

Selected Three Paris Chino Shorts from Asos

It’s also worth reiterating the point that the ideal length for shorts should be somewhere between lower thigh and upper knee – anything higher than a couple of inches above the knee and you risk falling into that ‘60s safari’ look.

Breathe easy

It’s simple – leave the wool and nylon for those who crave a sweaty rear; cotton is always best, though linen is okay if you can cope with instant, everlasting creases. Some ‘dig’ the look, but I can’t say I’m a great fan! While some modern synthetics offer superior moisture wicking to cotton, it’s always worth remembering the following point…

Are You Really an Athlete?

If you are a keen runner or basketball player then feel free to reach for the sportswear. Otherwise, leave the sports retailer and head for the department store instead.

Oh, and just because you’re a jogger or keen cyclist doesn’t mean you’re unable to slip into something more suitable afterwards. Ditch the stinky threads and change into something clean once you’ve finished your daily run.

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4 Responses

  1. H4H Men's clothing

    A pair of nice-fitting shorts are a definite must-have for the summer. My favourite summer look for chaps is a pair of shorts, canvas sneakers and a vintage tee.

  2. Karol Martin

    I could not agree more with you about the baggy shorts. it does def give the impression of thunderous thighs.. Great post!

  3. barney

    Really nice dress combination,but my question,can multicolored short go well with a plain color shirt?

  4. charlone

    what shorts and shirts color best suits with ORANGE-RED VANS (era) SHOES? thanks.