Nothing brings a dashing outfit together quite like a clean, wrinkle free tie; but no ensemble will ever shine with a worn, tatty rag knotted around your oesophagus. Ties are delicate accessories and need the best of care to keep them looking tip-top.

Use the following tips to ensure your next smart outfit is a winner thanks to a sharp, crisp necktie:

Always Unknot

Once the day is through you should always remove your necktie with care. The temptation is to tug and pull the slipknot apart; this places undue stress on the delicate fabric. Instead, perform the regular tying moves but in reverse – that way you don’t have to worry about distorting your finest silk.

Cleaning Essentials

As with other smart outfit fundamentals, the dry cleaner is the best place to get your ties laundered. A good cleaning shop will use a delicate touch, so it’s worthwhile using a ‘not-so-loved’ necktie if testing the waters at a new Laundromat.

Should you find yourself the victim of a plate of bolognaise sauce or a glass of red wine, always blot away the excess – never rub – this’ll only spread the stain making the situation worse.

Ditch the tags, bars and clips

Whatever accoutrement you favour, consider removing it when its not entirely necessary. Each item will place an undue stress on the cloth, warping and distorting the fabric. While an occasional tie clip is fine, try to avoid using on a regular basis.

Storage is key

Rolling and scrunching will see your ties off faster than anything! The fragile fibres require extra special attention. Ideally, you’d want to invest in a tie rack as soon as possible. Failing this, carefully drape your ties over a coat hanger with a cylindrical bar in the middle to prevent any misshapening.

TOP TIP: When travelling, gently fold your ties and place inside clean dress shoes; this way they won’t get crushed and malformed in your luggage.

Say goodbye when its time

Perhaps the best way to keep your ties looking their utmost is to rid yourself of the old ones. Remove them from your collection when the points become soft and rounded or the fabric begins to pull rather than glide over itself.

Don’t mourn the loss – ties are one of the most reasonably priced accessories, so instead celebrate by purchasing two; remember, you can never have enough neckties!

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