With little free time to myself these days, finding time to author personalized responses to questions is getting incredibly difficult. However, upon seeing this small query in my inbox, I saw the perfect opportunity for another Q&A Quickie…


I wish I could tell you I’m a long time reader, but I only recently came to your blog after looking for advice… I guess I’ve been lucky enough to always have someone who knows these things do them for me, but I’m in a position now where cleaning my clothes is all down to me (I’m about to start University). The article you wrote on ‘better garment care’ was really helpful, but I’ve got lots of conflicting information about laundering certain types of clothes … [namely] jeans, underwear and non-iron shirts … can you help answer the question once and for all?

Your new greatest fan,

Ben, London.”

Thanks for reading Ben, it’s nice to see younger guys start to take responsibility for themselves. I dare say that with typical student life as it is, ensuring you have freshly laundered and pressed clothing will be one area you’ll quickly abandon, but kudos for the effort regardless!

Firstly, whilst running an iron over your jeans is not unheard of, it’s pretty much a no-go area when pressing in a crease that runs down the centre; casual attire doesn’t require the added formality, so unless you’re heading to a small town University featuring a continuing fascination with mid-90s style trends it’s best to avoid doing so.

Secondly, whilst a clean pair of underwear is a must for any young man (see my previous post in this area for more details), a pair of freshly starched tighty-whiteys is definitely not necessary.

Lastly, ‘non-iron’ shirts or ‘wrinkle-resistant’ garments are somewhat of a misnomer; they are formed from fabrics that aren’t predisposed to excessive creasing, but will still appear scruffy and crumpled if you withhold ‘the big I’ from them. Always read the directions, but generally you’d still want to give them the quick once-over.

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