It’s been a while since we’ve taken a look at glasses; however, a recent inbox request has inspired me to author a guide to picking frames at your local opticians in 2013.

With an ever increasing number of choices, it’s becoming ever more difficult to pick a pair that suit you and your needs. Join me now as we explore the potentials for twenty thirteen…

Plastic Frames

The biggest shift in eyewear over the past two or three years is the renaissance of plastic frames. Don’t despair at the thought of returning to the 60s and 70s with heavy rims and overbearing depth though; this time everything’s lighter, smaller, thinner and less cumbersome.

Plastic Frames Persol

As always, keep your face shape in mind and don’t be afraid to go a little thinner if you’re not convinced by the appearance of the larger frames. Keep in mind, the change will be noticed, so don’t fret if your colleagues and friends keep pointing out how different you look; it’ll die down in a few weeks – enjoy the added attention while it lasts.

Big is In…

Without doubt, the return of synthetic frames has meant larger glasses are everywhere. Although modern plastics are featherweight by comparison to previous generations, they can still weigh heavy behind the ears. Definitely try before you buy.

Similarly, whilst hefty rims are everywhere, it’s always a mistake to go “too big”; even the immortal eyewear icon Michael Caine got it wrong in the 80s, so don’t risk making the same mistake.

Michael Caine

Neutral shades

Size isn’t the only radical shift that plastic frames have introduced. You’ll find a dizzying array of colours on the shelves, too. Unless you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you should always stick to traditional shades: charcoal, tan and tortoiseshell, for example, are perennial favourites.

gunmetal grey specs

If you want a little spice, without falling victim to the seasonal traps, then more imposing hues may be your solution: gunmetal and burgundy can set a whole new tone for those looking to make a statement; just ensure you can ‘pull off’ the look – don’t be afraid to tap a stranger on the shoulder whilst you’re trying your frames and ask for their honest opinion.

Avoid the clear frames

Finally, don’t fall for the allure of transparent frames. Like socks and sandals, it’s a look that far too few can get away with. So unless you’re planning to dress up as Andy Warhol for Halloween, put those see-thru specs back on the rack and try something else.


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